5 Daily Digital Marketing Tasks You Should Be Doing Every Day

5 Daily Digital Marketing Tasks You Should Be Doing Every Day

Digital marketing looks like a vast field from a beginner’s perspective. From social media to SEO, PPC, and email marketing, you can get overwhelming quickly. But after a while, you learn that many things interlink and it’s all about doing those things consistently.

You realize that it’s about taking a path, no matter if you are new, doing it with perseverance, and improving it over time.

This post is about a day in the life of a digital marketer. I’ll talk about what are the 5 essential things you should do to get great results in digital marketing. In fact, ignoring these things can negatively affect your marketing endeavors.

Let’s discuss 5 daily tasks that are vital for digital marketing.

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Daily Tasks For Digital Marketing

Social Media Messages And Comment Replies

Let’s start with this simple task. You must reply to all social media messages and comments.

This can involve with working other team members. Notify them about any tasks about social media, as replying to the messages and comments can increase customer satisfaction. This can also lead to long-term relationships with clients.

Check any mentions of your business on social media. Appreciate the positive ones and address the negative ones politely. You can use a social listening tool like Hubspot. It will help you with industry-specific terms, trends, conversations, and brand mentions.

Social listening can lead to new ideas. It also helps with customer satisfaction which is vital to a brand’s growth.​

Daily Review of Currently Running Ad Campaigns And Email Campaigns

You should review your current campaigns to see if anything needs your attention. This can involve working with other employees.

These campaigns are a big part of your overall digital marketing strategy, so you must take them seriously.

Check your PPC campaigns daily. It will let you know if you are spending wisely. If you do it after a month, you might end up overspending just because you set up your bids wrong.

Establish and plan A/B testing. Prepare lead nurturing emails including effective landing pages.

Don’t forget to measure the effectiveness of your campaigns. Key performance indicators (KPIs) and reports are vital to your campaigns’ success. The habit of analyzing your results will also help you with your other digital marketing goals.

Posting Daily Content on Social Media

Focus on uploading content that demonstrates industry awareness and thought leadership. You also want to mix links to your content, others’ content, and an offer that links to a landing page.

Posting on social media can grow your outreach. Plus, it will feed the existing followers with relevant content.

You can create content that drives traffic to your website. Or you can use it to grow your email list. Some companies use it to create brand awareness. No matter how you use it, you should post content daily.

After uploading, make sure that you promote these posts. You also want to plan and create posts in advance. This way, you will just have to upload them.

In general, it involves:

Planning and scheduling your posts.

Writing original copy.

Creating graphics that support the content. For that, you can use tools like Adobe Illustrator. If you can access it, you can use free online tools like Canva.​

Uploading Articles on Blogs Daily

Your audience waits for new content every day. They want to know about the topics that matter in this noisy world. Satisfy their cravings for knowledge with articles.

You also want to dedicate some time to analyzing new trends in the field. What are your competitors talking about? What is the big news in the industry right now?

Go deep in the Google pages. I’m not talking about the first page. I’m talking exploring at least the first ten page, that’s a total of 100 Google search results. Analyze what those websites are talking about the keyword you searched for. Take notes, see who can be a potential competitor, analyze how you can beat the big-name brands, and create better content.

Apart from uploading articles, you want to make sure that you are creating information pages and landing pages as well. These pages help your audience know more about your services and convert more sales.

5 Daily Digital Marketing Tasks You Should Be Doing Every Day

Making Sure That Your Website Is Working Fine As That’s Where It All Begins

Website management is probably the most important task on this list. It’s the equivalent of your physical office. Imagine a customer visits you in person and sees the signboard that says, “The site is under construction. Sorry for the inconvenience.”

Social media can be your temporary office for a while. But it would not make you an authority. If people find out that you don’t have a website, it would not make a good impression. So you must keep your website open all the time.

Make sure that all pages are working well. This can involve working on Google Webmaster Tools and other SEO tools. I’d recommend working on some technical skills and gaining knowledge of programming and other website-related languages. It can help you communicate with your development team and diagnose problems. This way, you can also avoid a lot of misunderstandings.

Wrap Up

You should be doing these 5 tasks every day with your digital marketing:

  1. Social media messages/ comments replies
  2. Daily review of currently running ad campaigns and email campaigns
  3. Posting daily content on social media
  4. Uploading articles on our blogs daily
  5. Making sure that your website is working fine as that’s where it all begins

Do you do these tasks diligently? Please let me know in the comments.

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