5 Reasons Not to Work With A Digital Marketing Agency

You may be surprised that this article is coming from a digital marketing agency. Yes, we are a leading digital marketing agency, but we have to be honest with our clients.

At first, it seems like a bad idea to give away the secrets of this industry. But we have learned that if a company gives honest information and addresses all concerns of customers, they are more likely to get good results.

Even if they don’t work with us, they have huge a amount of respect for us. At the end of the day, we at Blue Waves, strive to be a brand that helps people make the right decision for themselves.

So back to the reasons why we decided to go with this article. Clients’ stories about how they got ripped off are a big one.

Customers complain that they paid top dollars for their digital marketing campaigns, but all they got was a bunch of SEO keywords. They complain about how they had to cut their profits to pay their agency. And how they wanted to land more clients but ended up getting an increase in irrelevant numbers that they don’t even understand.

So we are here to help you understand the process of this investment. We will talk about in which cases a digital marketing agency isn’t the answer. Let’s get to it!

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What Makes a Digital Marketing Agency A No-No

You Can Do What Most Digital Marketing Agency Do

The problem is that there are a bunch of people online who run digital marketing agencies. They have read a few marketing articles and consider themselves a pro. However, being a pro requires plenty of knowledge and, more importantly, experience.

Digital marketing is a very practical field. You must know and do what you are talking about. Otherwise, it’s like shooting in the dark.

So you can do what most digital marketing agencies do. You can take a course or two or read a few articles online before launching your next campaign. Keep in mind that it will be a bet. You could lose all your money.

But again, if you have tons of money to waste, go ahead. Eventually, after trying a few dozen times, you’ll learn the real tricks.

Or you can work with a top digital marketing agency that can drive results for you fast and in a cost efficient-manner.

If You Don’t Understand Your Business Well

That’s a harsh one, but if you don’t understand the nuances of your business, a digital marketing agency won’t be able to help you well. Even if someone claims to do so, they might rip you off. So you should take the time to understand the market and other aspects of your business first.

You can host conversations with other industry leaders to learn about your niche. This way, you can figure out how to bring more potential clients yourself.

Digital marketing is not the first step of the game. It’s the step that accelerates your growth.  It is a long-term strategy to keep filling up your lead bucket. First, learn the cores of your business.

You Don’t Understand How a Digital Marketing Agency Works

Seriously, it’s a recipe for disaster. Or a recipe that will rip your wallet and let marketers take money from you continuously.

You can consider it the #1 reason not to work with a digital marketing agency. It’s equivalent to saying that you don’t know your business accounts. Or saying that you don’t know how sales work.

Marketing is a big part of business; and if you are going to hire someone to do it for you, you must know what they can do for you.

The person who cares most about your business is you. That’s right. Everyone claims to care more, but it’s you who care the most. Only you know how much time and effort you have put into it. So we recommend starting learning about digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Agency

You Have No Way to Measure Success

If you don’t know how your results look like, you might lose money. And worse, if you don’t know how to measure if a digital marketing agency did the job or not, you might get ripped off.

You Have Capacity

If you can put the time and resources into learning about this field, go ahead. As we have explained earlier, a hit and trial can cost you money. But if you have some budget to spend, you can try it out.

Again, you can do it yourself which is the longer road. Or you can work with someone who can do it for you, while you focus on important aspects of your business.

Our Goal At Blue Waves Digital

We encourage our clients to look for these metrics in their success:

  1. Trust metrics: Can you trust the agency you are working with? Do they seem like the people who will respect your data? Can you trust them with deadlines? Do they keep their word?
  2. Analysis metrics: These numbers will let you know if you are getting a good return on investment.
  3. Relationship metrics: You want to look for an agency that has a human side. After all, a click to your website or an extra conversion has a human being behind it.

We live by and strive to achieve these metrics every day. Clients like yourself have benefited from our services immensely.

Please get in touch. We’ll discuss how we can add value to your business!

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