It is the age of artificial intelligence that provides the different tools and skills to resolve business issues and monitor marketing efforts.

We had many big problems in the past that required a lot of effort, skills, and time to solve. But right tools always help us with that.

Content marketing is an emerging field these days. Content marketers are expected to produce original and excellent quality work.

However, humans can’t produce an errorless material. So, for this purpose, there are a lot of tools that help content marketers to monitor their efforts.

As the market for such tools is is vast, it is really difficult to choose the best tools. However, I have picked 5 of the most efficient and extensively used tools all over the world.

The discussed tools almost cover all aspects of content writing and content marketing.

These tools are highly important in the content marketing niche. They have reduced human efforts and eradicated the chances of mistakes. Read on to find how they may help you.

Improve Your Content Marketing Using These Tools


Let’s start with finding ideas. If you are not finding good content ideas, you won’t see results in the long run.

We may find many tools to analyze the content but very less tools that will help with finding a topic with perfect relevancy. Fortunately, we have Quora.

Content writing is less about writing skills but more about brainstorming logical ideas.

Quora gives a lot of relevant ideas about a particular topic. The best part is that these topics are related to queries people are asking related to your niche. If you are willing to dig deeper on Quora pages, you’ll find tons of relevant topics.

Hemingway App

You have found the topic and created the content around it. Now you want to make sure that it reads well to the readers.

I’m not talking about a basic grammar tool (that’s important too). I’m talking about a tool that helps you with the editing process so that the readers spend more time on your website and don’t get bored.

Hemingway App will help in eliminating excessive adverbs and the transformation of passive voice sentences. It suggests the most efficient way to make the paragraph and the whole article more understandable.

When the editing is done, this tool also provides the facility to export this file in an HTML format. This tool is considered one of the best when it comes to enhancing written words.


By now, the content reads well to the audience, but is it original so that Google doesn’t flag you?

The main problem for marketers is not to only produce a perfect article related to the topic but also a plagiarism-free article. The tools we usually find in Google searches do not provide authentic reports.

Many content marketers have faced embarrassment because of plagiarism. So make sure that your content doesn’t do that to you.

Turnitin is considered one of the best plagiarism checkers in recent times. It not only highlights the copy-pasted material but also gives a similarity index report.

The similarity index is based upon a particular criteria. It highlights the duplicate content with different colors. So, this way, you can rewrite the plagiarized pages.

Google Analytics

After creating and posting original, readable content to your website, get started with Google Analytics. This should be your go-to tool for checking the performance of the content on your website. It’s free to use as well.

Some people call it the meat and potatoes of your tracking efforts. And it’s not farther from the truth.

It helps with things like:

  • Where your visitors are on your site right now?
  • How much time did they spend on your site?
  • What no. of pages did they view (Blog posts, product pages, about us, etc.)?
  • Did they access the website from mobile?
  • Did they come from Google or Facebook?
  • And much more…

This knowledge is great to monitor the performance of your content marketing efforts. You can get several reports from it to analyze and better your content.

Social Analytics

The website is not the only place where you should measure the content’s performance. Social media is important as well.

Major social media sites have built-in analytics. So you can see the effectiveness of your content there. If there are a few things lacking, you can make relevant tweaks.

For example, Twitter  analytics can help you study your followers. You can find their location, common interests, gender, other people they follow, and more.

You can also see  follows and unfollows on your profile and can see your successful tweets. If you verify your website, you can see who is tweeting your content!

One more thing: if you can see analytics on your Twitter profile, you may need to set it up. Read this article for more information.

Twitter analytics is just the tip of the iceberg. Each big platform offers its own analytics. For example, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Use these tools to measure the performance of your content and then make necessary changes.

Content Marketing


It’s highly valuable to know the results of your marketing efforts. By doing this, you can improve your next campaign. The tools discussed in this article will help you with the process.

So, what is your favorite tool for monitoring content marketing efforts? Let me know in the comments below!

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