5 Tools to Rebuild Your Content Marketing Strategy

Gone are the days when traditional marketing was on peak. Now it is seeing a little downfall in all parts of the world.

Instead, digital marketing is on the surge. One of the important parts of digital marketing is content marketing strategy.

Content marketing strategy is an approach to creating useful content that attracts an audience in multiple ways. In the modern era, it is evolving and helping businesses in many ways.

According to research, more than 70% of companies are using content marketing. It’s because there is a dire need to be relevant. Let’s learn a few tools that will help you with that.

Content Marketing Strategy

Up Your Content Marketing Game Using These Tools


It is one of the most significant tools that writers use for content marketing. This tool engenders writers to check grammatical and other writing mistakes.

Grammarly is free for everyone. It can be used to check grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes easily. According to published data, more than 10 million people are getting benefits from this tool.

This tool is considered a lifesaver for content writers. If you don’t have time to proofread the content, it can do it for you in a couple of seconds.

If you don’t have perfect grammar, don’t worry. You just have to copy and paste the content in it, and it will resolve the issues for you. Also, you can use it on multiple websites. So you won’t have to sign in each time you want to proofread your content.

This tool also provides technical assistance to enhance writing skills.

There are a plethora of benefits of using Grammarly in the construction of great language. Besides fixing normal issues in grammar, Grammarly also fixes issues related to the structure and flow of the sentence.

It finds mistakes within no time. Grammarly also finds repetitive words that reduce the impression of the writing. It gives suggestions to make better word and sentence decisions. It is also used to remove passive voice in the sentences.

This tool can easily be used on all kinds of devices. This is based on artificial digital writing assistance. It provides general and expert-level editing.

Grammarly is a user-friendly product. You should use it.


Next, we have Hubspot. This is also an important tool in content marketing.

It can be used form any types of businesses. You can use it in small, medium, or large projects. This tool is a go-to for many marketers.

There are several benefits to using the Hubspot tool in content marketing. For example, this tool gives analysis and comprehension of the content.

This way, you’ll know the impact on your content to your target audience and change it accordingly.

We all know how important mobile devices are. If your website or content feels chunky on mobile devices, people are going to leave. No questions!

So every part of our marketing should consider mobile users in mind. This tool also helps make the content mobile-friendly.

Additionally, this tool is very beneficial for the marketing team in dealing with important keywords.

The status of this tool lies in making quality content which one can use to target a wide range of customers.

Hubspot is very easy to use. Owing to this quality, even a beginner marketer can use it.

This platform helps with content immensely. Apart from this, this platform facilitates companies with sales as well.


Yoast is a significant tool that helps marketerswith content. This tool is considered a favorite tool in the digital marketing industry when it comes to SEO content.

By using this tool, one can make better content for search engines as well as readers. Yoast helps with keywords and Meta descriptions, which is very helpful for SEO.

It also provides technical assistance. It helps with internal and external links, which you need to grow your presence on search engines.

By using Yoast,you can workon blog posts as well as other web pages on your site. It has a content score that will show if your page is a good candidate for higher rankings.


SEMrush is one of the most significant tools that is used in content marketing. It is a go-to tool for manymarketers for content.

Semrush provides SEO-friendly content that helps you to raise the standard of your marketing.

Apart from helping with content, it helps with other aspects of SEO. This tool gives several services, like keyword optimization and traffic analysis. It also provides market research.

Moreover, by using this tool, one can easily find topics that people are searching on Google. This tool is no less than an SEO powerhouse. Try it out today!


WordPress is another important tool that helps marketers with content. This helps to create blogs that are fundamental in content marketing. If you want to grow your digital outreach, start using WordPress.

It assists marketers to generate content for their website. They can upload and publish their content using WordPress. WordPress also offers several plugins that help with the marketing process.

WordPress is easy to use. People with little technical knowledge can also use WordPress.

Start using these tools to rebuild your content marketing strategy. If you face any troubles using them, let me know in the comments. I’d be happy to help!

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