Marketing means promoting and selling products through different platforms. It is no more based on traditional ways. It has transformed a lot after social media where people are connected more with each other.

Marketing has different aspects that include products, physical evidence, price, promotion, place, people, etc. These are the principles that have to be followed by marketers. They use these things to maximize profits, satisfy audience’s needs, and beat the competitors.

In the year 2019, everything has started to change because of the global pandemic COVID-19. It affected the economic situation which, in turn, changed everything including marketing. It has a dramatic impact on marketing.

How COVID-19 Has Changed Marketing

Marketing has brought a lot of changes after COVID-19. One group of the few people who made a lot during it is influencers. They have earned a lot from paid content and promotions.

But some of the businesses were still at a great loss during this time. This includes sectors, such as tourism. Let’s analyze how the pandemic shaped marketing.

Social Media

Social media is one of the best marketing platforms. But as due to lockdown, no one was permitted and allowed to go out of their house, businesses wanted to market their products in new ways and audiences were looking for ways to buy these products.

Social media was a blessing in disguise, especially influencer marketing. These influencers have a strong relationship with their audience or customer, and when they promote something, customers buy these products without much hesitation. After all, they trust the influencers.

Online Shopping

For many businesses, the successful way is to come over a digital platform except adapting the traditional methods like promotion via TV channels or another medium.

To market your brand, you need to think more about your customers and market where they are hanging out.

Digital-first depends upon the opportunities with the assumption that all solutions have to be digital in this modern world. Someone might claim that the brick-and-mortar is going to end soon. I don’t know about that, but the online shopping market is huge.

SEO and Paid Search

The current situation and the health problems due to Coronavirus are now changing the audience’s behavior. As mentioned above that people can no longer run to the shopping centers.

So SEO is one of the most important strategies nowadays. This includes local SEO. To increase your sales, you should do efforts to rank your brand on the number 1 spot on Google search results because most people click on that result only.

A fast way to reach is using PPC, but it will cost you money. Use it a few times, but focus more on SEO.

Re-Examining Buyer Personas

The mentalities of buyers have changed a lot. For example, everyone is using the Zoom app which wasn’t popular a few years ago. So research your buyer persona again.

Delivering Helpful Content

Delivering helpful content will do the following for you.

1) Be a source of marketing for your brand.

2) Build strong relations.

3) Generate more revenue.

Digital Advertisements

One of the best ways to promote your business is by advertising your products. This way is now adapted by a lot of brands too. You can run different ads, like YouTube ads, Facebook ads, etc.

Best Customer Experience

Now, marketers have to compete with their competitors by providing the best customer experience. As more and more things are accessible digitally, your competitors are just one click away. Don’t lose them.

Customers’ Expectations Now

Before COVID, customers’ expectations were high but now, they have hit the ceiling.

A few years back, customers might stick with your brand even if the customer satisfaction was a little low. But if you are anywhere below 100%, be ready to lose customers

So, the marketers must promote the products which are demanded more with all of its details on their pages. Back it up with dedicated 24/7 customer support.

Marketing Strategies

Use data and best practices. Use top platforms, such as:

  • Social media: This may include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Again, this will depend on the type of your business.
  • Email: Capture your audience’s emails and start sending them content. You can send promotions from time to time, but never be pushy.
  • Video: Video is huge. Platforms like YouTube have given us unprecedented ways to grow our businesses now.

Follow best practices and follow them diligently. Don’t be afraid to go out of the box. Do whatever it takes to be the best.

Find where your audience hangs out and nail that platform. Because if you don’t it, someone else will.

Relationship With the Customers

As mentioned above, relationships are important for brands. Treat them like humans. Teams with existing relationships have been able to maintain revenue momentum.


In one way, marketing has now become easier because everything is now done digitally.

But at the same time, competition is an all-time high. Have a competing mentality every day. Along with that, provide value to your customers.

It all boils down to following basic principles extensively.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding marketing, do let me know in the comments. I’d love to join the discussion.

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