5 Website Design Tips To Generate More Sales Today

Every web owner wants to make a great first impression, impress their audience, and attract more traffic. To achieve that goal, they opt for the best design for his/her website. Even though it’s a known fact that a well-designed web will make a great first impression, it also promises to help increase your impression rate by 94% and further increase your sales rate by a greater ratio. A well-designed web has the power to convince a visitor to become a potential customer, which provides just the catalyst you need to boost your business.

A good web design is one of the most efficient tools you can use to grow your conversion rates and your business overall. Everything starting from the logo to your marketing brochures should be precisely designed in order to impress your visitors. That will benefit your business in every way possible. Poor design can be the cause of the low ratings and no impressions.

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Here’s How Web Design Can Improve Your Sales

Statistics are a far better way to explain the impact of a well-designed web on your overall Business platform:

Web Credibility

Testimonial of a site

75% of people or visitors take one look at your website and decide if you are credible or not, just based on your design. So, it’s advised to keep your website up to date so that visitors find you trustworthy and not get scared away. Working to better your website design will further help you increase the credibility of your site. A unique, well-explained website makes people feel welcomed and comfortable. That will result in them further browsing the website and can lead to purchasing from your business.

Increase Competition

Almost 89% of people shop from a competitor’s website after facing a poor user experience. When your website is poorly designed visitors will not stay on it. They will get bored and eventually leave your site and end up on the competitor’s website.

You are not only losing potential customers; you are losing the competition. Visitors usually look for a positive and welcoming environment while shopping or browsing. People engage with a website more, who deliver the experiences they want. This can be achieved by paying a little more attention to the website design.

Decrease Engagement

If your website is not visibly appealing or attractive, people will stop engaging and instantly leave. When it comes to online business and website designing, impressing your audience is your topmost priority. An average of 62% of people leaves a website if they don’t find it visually attractive. In that case, you would want your website to stand out and catch the visitor’s attention.

As I stated earlier, that lack of potential in the website’s design will bore your audience away. So, to remedy that, all you need to do is Invest in your website (professionally), this will help you drive in more sales, increase your conversion rate and grab the attention of the visitor, which will result in increasing overall website engagement.

5 Website Design Tips to Generate More Sales

Landing page of a wedding band site

Now the most important question is “what can I do to improve my web design?” To answer that, here are 5 Website Design Tips you can use to generate more sales.

Integrate responsive design

Now that you understand the importance of web design for improving your sales, you can understand how important it is for you to have a functional site.

The question is, “how responsive design works?” Let’s say, person A is accessing your website on a mobile phone while person B is accessing via a laptop. Your responsive design will ensure that the site adapts to fit according to the screen requirement of person A and person B.

A lot of people buy and browse websites using their mobile phones. And when your website is mobile responsive, 37% of all people are more likely to purchase from it. So, to cut a long story short, a responsive website will help your sales to increase and expand your overall business horizon.

Use CTAs properly

Your page will stand out and improve if you use your CTAs wisely.

One way to make sure your CTA stands out is to avoid using the generic ones that everyone uses and create your own. Your sale will increase, and you will have a greater success margin overall. By using well-designed CTAs, your audience will easily find the product they need and engage more. That will eventually lead to increasing your sales.

Create an organized navigation

If you are still wondering what more can you do to improve your sales, you should add the crucial aspect of web designing; organized navigation. Everyone likes getting things done easily.

Navigation will provide your audience the ease they need, and they will engage more and find the product or service they require much faster. That will make them more likely to purchase something and become your customer.

High-Quality Visuals

Another tip to improve your web design and increase your sales is using high-quality visuals. Attractive visuals are crucial to keep your audience interested and increase engagement on your page.

Using blocks of text on your page will only scare your audience away. People don’t like reading blocks and blocks of texts. So, if you have written walls of text, your visitor will feel overwhelmed and leave. Similarly, make sure that you use high-quality visuals and product images it will enhance the overall outlook of the website. Unclear data and poor-quality visuals will make your website look shady and untrustworthy.

Use whitespace

If you want to increase your sales and improve your web design, whitespace can prove to be very useful. As I have mentioned in the heading above, people get bored and scared away when a website is filled with walls of texts and a bundle of images. This overload of data and content will make your website seem overwhelming and kind of distracting.

Using whitespaces will make your site look clean, keep your visitors interested and keep them focused on the valuable information.

Do you have any website design tips in mind? Let me know in the comments below.

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