7 Reasons Why You Need A Web Designer On Retainer

So you’ve been thinking about getting a web designer on retainer lately. But you’re not sure if it will work for you. Let me make the case why you need a web designer on retainer.

People outside your main team can help you fill any operational gaps while growing your business. Think about customer service: many US companies hire these services from countries like Pakistan or India.

Similarly, you can hire third-party resources for getting help in marketing. For example, you can hire content writers to outsource work if you don’t have the time to write 2 articles a day.

The same goes for the design. This can speed up your workflow. Plus, the designer on a retainer will be able to do the job at a lot less price than your internal team.

You can approach this in two ways: First, establish a monthly retainer where you pay upfront for future work. Second, you can establish a retainer on a per-project basis.

The second option might seem lucrative, but it can have many troubles.

So I’d recommend going with a monthly retainer. Let’s discuss 7 reasons why!

7 Reason Why You Need A Monthly Retainer

You Can Tackle Surprise Projects With A Peace Of Mind

Sure, you love surprises. For example, when your friends or family members bring a birthday cake for you at midnight to surprise you. But in business, not all surprises are as exciting as that.

Some of them can be a nightmare for you. For example, if one of your big clients suddenly needs an upgrade to their web design, you might be disturbed at a moment. But if you had a web designer on retainer, you’ll get the job done.

Plus, these designers have predetermined contracts with you; so, they are bound to do the job when you need them to.

Compare it to per-project-based web designers: it’s their will to do the job even in emergencies because they are not bound by any contracts.

You Can Avoid Overcharge

Websites like Upwork have made the concept of hourly work famous in the online world (the site also offers per project work). If you’ve ever worked with a freelancer on sites like that, you’d know that time adds up quickly.

And more hours means more work. And sometimes, hourly rates are so high that they are out of your budget.

A good option you’re left with is hiring a web designer on retainer. When you have made the contract upfront, you won’t be overcharged.

Some companies will charge you extra after the project has started. If you have made the deal before the work month starts, you’ll avoid being overcharged.

A Web Designer On A Monthly Retainer Will Be Like A Team Member

When you hire someone on a per-project basis, things can get messy. They might not know about your company’s culture. They might not know the workflow. And they won’t understand what your brand represents.

But when you work with a web designer on a monthly retainer, they’ll learn what your company represents, how your employees work and create value.

You’ll create a big-picture view. The designer will be a part of your company for a short but defined duration. They’ll create work similar to your in-house work, so you will be consistent in your brand image.

You’ll Create Long-Term Relationships

Relationships are the lifeblood of companies. Whether they are with your clients or team, they are necessary.

And if you consider everyone who works for you as a part of your team, you are on the path to building long-term relationships.

When a designer is working for you on a monthly basis, they know that you respect their work. They start to feel like a part of the family. And when someone is part of the family, they do everything to grow it.

You Get Trust, Faith, And Dedication

You get all these traits when you work with a contractor on a monthly retainer. Compare that to a one-time freelancer who might just be there for your money. They might not get the job done when you need them. So you can’t trust them.

But when you work with web designers on retainer, they will have a leap of faith and dedication to see each project through to completion. You’ll develop a trust factor with them as they show up each time you need them.

This type of contract is a commitment. Even if they don’t do the best work (in terms of quality and time) for moral reasons, they are bound to do that by the contract.

They can help you meet deadlines. Suppose you have a deadline and your in-house team is occupied; they’ll come to save the day for you.

Focus On What You Do Best

When you know that you have a reliable team, you can focus on what you do best: growing your business. Being a business leader requires a lot of skills that go beyond the scope of designing a website.

You Can Track Results Easily

One-time contractors might be desperate to take your order. But if you work with a long-term contract, they are not in a hurry.

Again, that gives you more time to focus on the business. This way, you get to see things clearly. You can track results and improve them over time.

Do you have another reason to hire a web designer on retainer? Let me know in the comments below.

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