When it comes to e-commerce, most businesses struggle to keep their revenue flowing and convert maximum customers. The ratio of window shoppers is relatively high, causing you to fall back on your marketing goals. One of the main reasons behind low conversions is abandoned checkouts.

Studies show that 7 out of every ten website visitors will leave without making a purchase. Even though many of them will add items to their carts. It is quite a low conversion rate, even for e-commerce sites. The good news is that you can successfully retarget many of these customers. Retargeting customers who have abandoned checkouts have some of the best conversion rates.

The reason behind this is that these customers have already shown interest in buying your products. Given a simple push or remainder, many of these customers can come back and complete their purchase. Why target new customers when you have people who are already interested in your products?

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Here are five reliable ways to recover abandoned carts and increase your revenue:

Use retargeting ad campaigns.

Ad campaigns have evolved over the years. Where previously you had little control over who sees your ad, nowadays technology has enabled more savvy advertising.  The real challenge is to target the right group of customers. With retargeting ads, you can track people who left abandoned carts and bring them back to your site.

With Facebook retargeting, you can advertise to customers using the same products they left in the cart. If the ad pops up every time they visit Facebook, it significantly increases the chance of revisiting the website. With Facebook Pixel, you can easily track website visitors, and you can use custom audience targeting as well. The more narrow your target audience is, the greater your chances of a higher conversion rate.

The same also applies through Google Ads. Google tracks visitors through a wide range of websites, which allows you to get better results. The best part of retargeting with Google ads is that you get leverage on a wide range of different sites. The probability of the customer coming back to complete their checkout is much higher this way.

Send reminder emails

Email is one of the best ways to get a customer to return to their abandoned carts. It allows you to communicate the message and remind them without being too pushy. You can create a unique email campaign for subscribers that have left abandoned carts on the site. In many cases, many of these customers return to complete the purchase.

When using emails to remind customers, you can adopt two approaches. The first one involves sending an email as a general reminder that they have an abandoned cart. In many cases, the customer doesn’t remember that they left a cart without proceeding with the checkout. A simple reminder is all it takes for them to complete the purchase.

The second method is to target them with a specific offer. You can send a reminder on a particular item in the customer’s cart to spark their interest. In other cases, you can give them a coupon with a limited time offer for completing the purchase. The aim is to provide them with a reason to come back and complete the purchase.

Use push notifications

Push notifications are the best way to recover an abandoned cart without customers forgetting about it. You can send a push notification before a customer leaves your site. You can link this with a support message. It allows you to identify the problem that is preventing them from completing the purchase.

You can also send push notifications on Facebook, Google, and other ad platforms. The message should be clear, and the tone should be supportive. The aim is to remind the customer that they left an abandoned cart, not to resell the product to them. If used correctly, push notifications can be quite useful in recovering abandoned shopping carts.

Use Remarketing to Recover Abandoned Carts

Be clear about your shipping costs.

Studies show that the number one reason for abandoned shopping carts is the unexpected shipping costs. Customers often complain that they find out about the shipping costs only after they proceed to checkout. If you can solve this issue, you will prevent a large number of abandoned shopping carts.

The best way to resolve this is to be clear about your shipping costs. The customer should see that your prices are mentioned. Even though you might get fewer carts, you can reduce the total number of abandoned carts. Transparency often leads to long term customer loyalty and gives you an edge over competitors.

You could also offer free shipping. Most people are looking for discounts, free deals, and other benefits. By offering free shipping, you can grab their attention when it matters most. Make sure to remind them about the free shipping just as they proceed to checkout for better results.

Optimize payment options and security

One of the leading causes of abandoned shopping carts is the lack of a preferred payment method. You can quickly solve this by adding a few payment methods. Many people like to pay through PayPal, so be sure to include that as well. Having more options allows you to target people with more preferences.

Another thing to gain trust is to display a trusted banner or seal at the point of checkout. It works wonders in convincing the customer that your site has the required safety to process their payment details. Regardless of how many times people shop online, there is always a safety concern when giving personal information.

Final Thoughts on Abandoned Checkouts

To make the most of abandoned shopping carts, make sure you use all these methods in sync. Make sure to provide as many options as possible, so the customer ultimately completes the purchase.

What are your thoughts on abandoned shopping carts? Are they worth putting in the effort to recover? Comment below.

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