Amazon Ads – Everything you need to know

Amazon Ads – Everything you need to know

With e-commerce becoming more popular nowadays, it’s no wonder that most brands have created their e-commerce platform for online selling. However, driving traffic to your online platform can be quite tricky. You have to compete with e-commerce giants like Alibaba or Amazon, which is impossible. So why not work with them instead?

Becoming a third-party vendor on Amazon has its benefits. You don’t have to worry about driving traffic to your brand because you are already using an existing brand name. However, there are hundreds of sellers on Amazon, which makes it a very competitive market. If you want to grow your business on Amazon, you should consider Amazon ads.

Not only are they quite useful, but they also bring in great return on investment. However, with so many brands competing for top positions on the product page, it can not get conversions. It is why you should have a reliable planning process for achieving your amazon advertising goals. You can choose from a range of strategies, from focusing on brand promotion to prioritizing sales.

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Define your advertising goals

There are different ways to advertise on Amazon, each based on a specific strategy. However, you can split it into two particular approaches. The first one is a promotion driven strategy. With this, your focus is to promote your brand on Amazon and gain customer trust.

To do so, you should focus on video, audio, and other display ads. You can show these ads on different platforms, but the aim is to promote your Amazon page. These ads are brand focused and may advertise different product categories. If you want to grow a whole line of products, then these ads are perfect for you.

The second strategy is sales driven. It is where PPC advertisements come in handy. You can set a specific budget and advertise your products against certain searches. It is very similar to Google Ads, where you pay for each click. You can promote a particular product in demand or something that you earn a high-profit margin with easily.

You can also target discounts in these advertisements. The aim is to drive sales and get more conversions on your Ad. When it comes to advertising on Amazon, PPC ads are the most popular. Unless your business is large and you are growing a brand, PPC ads are a great way to get started.

Types of Amazon advertisements

Sponsored brand ads

These are advertisements geared towards brand promotion. The aim is to drive traffic to your Amazon selling page and increase customer loyalty. You can target customers based on their preferences, demographics, and other factors. You can also promote a catalog of 3 products in these ads. This technique often helps drive traffic towards a custom landing page.

Sponsored Products

The second type of Amazon ad is the sponsored products ad. These are the most common PPC ads and are useful in driving sales of individual products. You can target specific keywords to land your product on the first page of Amazon. Before you launch product ads, make sure that your research and cost analysis is complete. The profit of products sold by these methods is usually lower than organic sales. However, total gain usually increases.

Parameters for targeting with Amazon Ads

Parameters for targeting with Amazon Ads

With so many different advertising options, it is essential to know the parameters before deciding which one is for you. You can target customers based on their preferences, previous purchases, search terms, and many other parameters.

Here are the two common ways to target customers using Amazon ads:

Choose categories to target based on buying preferences.

If you want to grow your brand image and target customers interested in your products, you can use category targeting. In this way, you will be able to identify customers looking for similar products in other categories.

You can choose specific categories to target based on the previous purchasing history of the customer. If they bought bed covers in the past, then you can target them with ads for pillow casings, pillows, or other related product categories.

Targeting customers based on search items

Customer targeting is very similar to Google Ads. With this method, you can target customers based on their searches. For example, if a customer searches for jeans, you can target them with your jeans’ brand. It allows you to place your product in front of the customers exactly when they need it.

The best part of this is that you do not even have to target customers based on a particular brand. You can target general customers based on specific keywords. Make sure to do your research on which keywords are popular searched on Amazon before you decide on targeting.

Last thoughts on Amazon Ads

Amazon ads are relatively easy to set up, but they require much research to be successful. If you want to target a specific product category, you have many options, and you can even make use of Amazon’s analytical tools.

What are you experience with Amazon ads? Do you think Amazon ads are worth investing time in at all? Are these similar to Google ads? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

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