Human copywriters have always been the priority of marketers, but copywriting is hard. Plus, articles and other materials related to copywriting are costly. Nevertheless, AI copywriting tools have provided humans new options to create the copy.

Among many other attributes, one of the unique characters of this copy is that it is cheaper. AI tools also save time and money.

Businesses can use them if they don’t have much budget. They can show some results, but they can’t replace humans.

If you publish material written by software, you’ll might get in trouble. Human readers will detect it. So your priority should be a human writer.

Still, you can get help with these AI tools for marketing while creating job descriptions, social media ads, and blog posts.

AI Copywriting Tools


Copysmith is an excellent AI copywriting tool to create copy ads. If you want to create a market copy in a short period, I will suggest using this. This tool creates content at an unprecedented rate.

It can be used for intro, meta descriptions, and blog ideas. Besides, it can be used for buying. One can write the primary text of google, Facebook, and Instagram.


It assists in writing. It diminishes writer’s block. When someone types a few words, it completes a full sentence.

It works even when you type 10-30 words. Samples will be ready to use in less than 30 seconds.


It converts the writer’s thoughts into words. Contrary to copywriting, it saves tons of time. It can be used for blog ideas, sentence rewriting, and product descriptions.


This is another significant AI copywriting tool that writes articles from scratch. It can be used for backlinks which are important in search engine optimization.

AI Writer

It helps in rewriting the current content. AI writer also has its API that facilitates you to make your automated article writing software.


Conversion AI is another significant AI copywriting tool that works at a fast rate. It has the potential to solve the difficulties facing by copywriters on daily basis.

It removes the problems of long working hours and poor conversation rate which the writer is facing on daily basis. It has many templates that you can use for product description on Amazon and eCommerce sites.

Its templates can also be used for video content on YouTube.


MagicFlow was its old name. It helps marketing companies to generate their marketing copy. The artificial intelligence program of Writesonic can generate useful content. It can be used for digital ad copy, like Facebook and Google ads. It is also used for meta tags.

Rytr AI Writer

Rytr creates useful content in no time. For the creation of content, Rytr uses the power of machine learning. Rytr is new and affordable. It can be used to write blog intros, interview questions, and landing page descriptions.

Snazzy AI

If someone wants to use a good AI tool, and they have a short budget, they can use this tool. That’s because it has a freemium pricing structure that allows the writer to use its features for free.


WordAI changes original words and creates new content in a short time. The overall theme of content remains the same, but the presentation of words differs a lot. Word AI replaces the words in every sentence by keeping the original meaning intact. It is because the purpose of this is to create an article that resembles a human-written one. Besides, it also creates attractive titles for an article.


This is another noteworthy AI tool that reduces human time by more than half. It is used to rewrite paragraphs and sentences. It has natural language processing (NLP) to create excellent content.

Article Forge

What makes Article forge different is the fact that it has an option of adding videos and titles.


Anyword is a time-saver, and it is useful for the creation of an effective copy. Anyword has an advantage in writing media posts and successful ads.


It acts as a link between content and strategy. In other words, it lets you add a writer’s goals.

Copy Shark AI

It is one of the important AI tools which can create a human-like copy in seconds. It can create many ads in a few seconds.


It works on different platforms. Instagram posts, FB posts, Emails, and Messenger are to name a few. It can help you with grammar, punctuation, structure, etc.

Closers Copy

It is an astonishing copywriting tool that helps in creating incredible sale copies. Inexperienced users can use this easily. It is a multipurpose AI tool. it also helps in avoiding word repetition.

AI Can Assist But Not Replace The Writer

There is greater advancement in AI tools daily. Consider the example of Grammarly. It not only saves time but also increases performance.

By using these tools one can easily focus on their business, instead of consuming time in copywriting. These tools use different aspects to create a copy. For example, Acrolinx can help you create a strategic copy in no time.

But these tools are not final. I agree that they can help you, but in the end, a human has to edit the final draft.

All the discussion drives us to the conclusion that human writing is imperative in daily life. Since the world is going towards automation, AI tools can help you.

And you should give them a try. They might save time and money from you. But human writers are better. I’m a writer, so I’m biased.

So, do you think AI can replace writers? Please let me know in the comments below.

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