The Blue Waves SEO Advantage

A streamlined system that takes the guesswork out of SEO.

Get An Edge Over Your Competition And Convert Organic Visitors Into Loyal Customers with The Blue Waves SEO Advantage!

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SEO that Gets Results

If you want to be successful online, your website needs SEO. You could spend the next decade of work trying to figure it out yourself – or just hire us!

After years helping other companies with their websites and perfecting our own business, we know what works best for people like you who need quality service that will help increase leads on your site at an affordable price.

Increased Conversion Rates

Increase Conversion Rates

SEO that is focused on getting your website rank higher in search results and get in front of the audience in the best way possible.

Blue waves social media advantage saves money

Reduce Marketing Costs

Increased Organic Conversion Rates mean spending less money on Paid Ads and other Marketing Efforts. Ultimately leading to less overhead.

Save time and effort

Save Time and Effort

Stop wasting time and effort on trying to optimize your website for SEO. Let us handle it so you can focus on your business.

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David did a wonderful job with my website’s SEO. After I understood that I built my website, I didn’t know where to start. He had to do a lot of work on my website’s SEO to get me up to par. The quality of the work is excellent!

Ashley Morrison

Socali Electronics

Easy to Understand Pricing

Contact us for pricing on additional requirements

Our Basic Plan (With $1200 Initial Investment)
All features are included but It will take longer to show results.
Website Updates
Search Engine Optimization (Includes 8 Keyword Pages + 2 New Articles Per Month)
Paid Ads Initial Setup + Management (Up to $1000 in Ad Spend)
Social Media Marketing Campaign (15 Posts Per Month)
Our Super Charged Plan (With $3000 Initial Investment)
The best package with the most to offer. This gives us the fastest results.
Website Updates
Search Engine Optimization (Includes 32 Keyword Pages + 8 New Articles Per Month)
Paid Ads Initial Setup + Management (Up to $5000 in Ad Spend)
Social Media Marketing (30 Posts Per Month + Influencer Marketing)

The Blue Waves SEO Advantage is Different

Instead of just copying your competitors after deep research, we instead use our best-in-class SEO Process to create a truly unique experience for your brand’s online presence. This in turn reduces the amount of time it takes to see real results by 20-30%.

A Simple, Yet Elegant Set of Steps


Define Your Goals

We will first establish what your goals are for SEO. Are you looking for more leads, interact with your current and potential customers, or is the main focus to spread awareness of your business?

Deep Research

Our next step involves studying your competitors, which we have been successful with. Our goal is to learn from what they are doing rig and then create our own unique website.

Blue Waves Magic

This is the fun part! We then use our own highly developed process to take your website’s ranking to the next level. It involves implementing our unique spin which has time and again proven to be highly effective.


Measure Results

Like clockwork, we will consistently find new information to determine what is working great, and what we can do to make it even better. Then, we Rinse and Repeat until it is polished!

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