Top 5 Canonsburg Web Design Companies in 2019

Investing in a good web site is imperative to the growth of any business in today’s digital era, be it in a large city or even in a small town like Canonsburg.

There are quite a few web design companies in Canonsburg. Based on a thorough analysis of their websites and the range of services offered, we have picked out top 5 Canonsburg web design companies for you (in no particular order).

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1. Blue Waves Digital


Canonsburg Web Design




Blue Waves Digital is managed by David Rosales, web design and SEO expert with 15 years of digital marketing experience.

This SEO company uses tried and true tactics to develop a search engine friendly website for you. With their Lead Generation services, they focus on bringing real results for your business that stand out from your competitors. Their digital marketing services provide you with a responsive content strategy. All their services coupled with their ad management strategies makes them a killer branding package!

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2. David Wheaton Design


Canonsburg Web Design



Don’t have time to set up an entire website? Hand it over to David Wheaton Design.

A freelance web designer, David Wheaton not only designs a website, but he also assists with registering domain names and finding suitable web hosting service.

Having worked on quite a few designing projects, David Wheaton knows the basics of web and print designing. You know the deal with him as soon as you visit his self-designed website.

Get in touch with him to know more about his services and his pricing here.


3. Integrity First Technology Solutions

Canonsburg Web Design




Integrity First Technology Solutions or IFTS is a renowned Canonsburg web design company with some credible high-rated reviews on Google and Yelp. Their web design services help small and medium-sized businesses to build presentable websites. With their inbound marketing services, they make sure your business is found on the web. Their graphic design services help you craft graphical elements, such as logos and letterheads, related to business.

They also design custom mobile app and software apps for your business.

Are you a small or a medium sized business needing assistance with web design? Contact Integrity First Technology Solutions here.

4. Melone Advertising


 Melone Advertising



With more than three decades of experience across a multitude of industries, Melone Advertising has acquired some useful insight into business marketing.

It is this expertise that makes them build a brand out of your business by creating a visually compelling website and supporting it with a host of designing and advertisement services.

Get a detailed list of their services here.


5. Wayout Design

Canonsburg Web Design



Wayout Design specializes in web and print design and SEO for websites. They classify their services as “The Dreamer’s Plan” and “Dreaming BIG Plan”.”The Dreamer’s Plan” is a 4-6 week plan providing website design, social media design, and mobile-first development. While “Dreaming BIG Plan” costs you twice the former plan, it also offers brand design, e-commerce design, and some other additional services.

Learn more about Wayout Design’s services here.

All of these five Canonsburg web design companies have good web design at the heart of their services. Look out for the one that not only aligns their services with your business goals but also gives you the best bang for your buck!

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