Clubhouse – Here Is What You Need To Know About This Platform

Now and then we see a new social media platform on the rise. A couple of years ago, we witnessed TikTok become a global sensation. The short and snappy videos of that platform became the big trend.

Whenever a new social media platform is getting popular, I talk about it. For example, I talked about TikTok marketing a few weeks ago. Today, I’m going to talk about Clubhouse.

So buckle up because I’m going to answer a lot of your questions.

Keep in mind that it is different from, which is a project manager.

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Some Caveats

If you are using Android, you can’t use it because it’s iOS only. Still, around 3 million people have downloaded this app. They are working on their Android app. Plus, as the no. of Android users in the world is very high, they wouldn’t have been able to manage them.

Here’s another limitation: you can’t join it yourself. It means that an existing Clubhouse user has to send you an invitation for joining.

You can buy these invites as well, but be careful about the scams. If no one invites you, it’s good to just wait for Clubhouse to become open to the public.

How much data is needed for registration?

Using your phone number and real name, you can register. Before getting the invitation, you can register the username you want. You’ll receive a link via text which will direct you to visit and sign in with that number.

They also allow you to sign up using your Twitter account if you don’t want to set up a profile from scratch. Your Twitter profile picture will be used using this way. The app will also suggest linking your contacts which makes it easy to find people to follow. I’ll recommend verifying your email which will help you use the service again in case of an issue.​


What Can I Listen To On Clubhouse?

You get to follow different topics on the app, such as tech, sports, world affairs, etc. The good part is that you can find people having an interest in the same topic, and you can follow them. You’ll receive suggestions for a relevant room if you follow more topics and people.

The rooms are not permanent. People launch or end them.

The app allows you to block a user or report an incident. It has community guidelines that are against threats of violence and harm, discrimination, bullying, abuse, harassment, and the spread of false information.

One way to report an incident is by doing it live because the app temporarily records the conversations in case of any controversial chat. It deletes the audio if nothing is reported. You can also report an incident even if the room is no longer live. Moderators are partially supposed to keep the conversations on track.

If you have spare 1 hour and 36 minutes, listen to Elon Musk’s conversation on Clubhouse.

Wrapping Up

Clubhouse might be the next big social media. This audio-based social media platform is exclusive right now. It means that you need to have an invitation to join it. So ask one of your friends to invite you if they have an invitation.

People can meet using Clubhouse, listen to others, and join conversations.

You get a pool of topics to choose from. Join any room that interests you, or start your room.

Most Clubhouse rooms feel like a webinar where one person is speaking, and others are listening. But this is not always the case. You can start rooms that feel like a normal group discussion.

Are you excited about joining this platform? Or do you want to recommend some other social media to our readers? Please do so in the comment section below. ​

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