How To Create Retargeting Campaigns For Your Facebook Ads

Marketing has changed a lot in the past few years. Now businesses have more tools and methods to advertise that gives marketers plenty of opportunities to improve their results.

Advertising on social media is quite different. For example, in billboard ads, you had to rent the entire space for hundreds of dollars. And the ad would also show to people who were not even interested in your product.

That was breaking a basic advertising principle: You want to get in front of your future customers. No business has extra money to show their ads to people who don’t need their products. But advertisers had no other options back then.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend hundreds (or maybe thousands) of dollars on billboard ads with advancements in technology. You can get started with Facebook ads for just $5 and target specific users based on their demographics, interests, and even search history.

One of the great methods to maximize ROI from the Facebook ads is Retargeting campaigns. They help people rediscover what they love about your business.

These campaigns are related to the five stages of customer awareness. So before we get into retargeting campaigns, let’s take a look at these stages.

Eugine Schwartz explained these five stages of customer awareness in his book called “Breakthrough Advertising.” These stages are used even today after years of its publishing. They are related to the customer’s problem and solution awareness rather than relating to buying psychology.

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Here are the five stages of customer awareness:

  • Completely Unaware: As the name says, the person is not aware that they have a problem, so they don’t look for a solution.
  • Problem-Aware: At this stage, they know about the problem and recognize it when someone tells them about it.
  • Solution-Aware: They know the solution but do not know that your (the company’s) product offers that solution.
  • Product-Aware: They know about the product but don’t know what your product does and how well it solves their problem.
  • The Most Aware: They know that your product is the ultimate solution but are waiting for the right time to buy.

Now let’s see how Uber used these stages as they grew:

  • In 2011 (the year of their launch), the headline on their landing page was “Everyone’s Private Driver.” They were targeting people who didn’t even know about the product or solution.
  • In 2013, people got to know more about the problem, so they moved their landing page to problem-aware.
  • And In 2016, they started talking about the solution.
  • In 2018, people knew the product, so they talked about what they offer and how to use it – The Product-Aware approach.
  • In 2021, they have moved back to the problem-aware stage with their food delivery app.

How does retargeting Campaigns on Facebook help your business?

You might have noticed it before. Your search for something online, and in the next few days, you see ads related to that product. Well, that is retargeting.

If we look at stats, its importance increases. Retargeted ads have a 70% higher conversion rate than the first ad that people see related to that product. It also boosts customer engagement.

This technique helps you find those prospects who were interested in your product once. Think of people who have visited your website or FB page before. These are the type of prospects that can become recurring buyers.

It also lets you personalize ads. Facebook gives the option of dynamic ads that show people what they are interested in.

Creating retargeting campaigns for your Facebook ads

It starts with finding people who were interested in your product once. You can do it in the following ways:

  • If you already know the people for retargeting, add them to a list. As I talked about in the previous section, they can be your website or physical shop visitors. And if you have taken their contact information, you can create an ad with this list and reach out to them.
  • Install Facebook pixel. It will also help you retarget your website visitors. The Facebook pixel is a piece of code that can be added to your code easily. Its job is to track people’s actions while interacting with your brand and Facebook ad they saw before visiting your site. It also tracks what pages on your site they visit and products they were interested in.

The Facebook SDK is an excellent tool for retargeting based on app activity. Like Facebook pixel, it gives you details about how people interact with your app. It will help you retarget based on activities like adding items to the basket but didn’t complete the purchase.

Facebook Ads Retargeting Campaigns

After that, specify the people you want to target. In Facebook’s terms, create a Custom Audience.

This list can be generated using Facebook pixel or Facebook SDK. These two tools can add people to the Custom Audience based on the specific actions you’re most interested in targeting. It will help you create ads based on the stage of customer awareness they are in.

Choose the ad type. You can go with dynamic ads. It will show your products to the most relevant prospects.

You can also use the sponsored messages features. It will let you interact with customers through  Messenger who was once engaged with your business.

Measure the results. Figure out how your campaign is performing once it’s live. These stats will tell you the types of ads and platforms that work best for your remarketing. Use these analytics and reports and figure out how they can improve your business.

Retargeting campaigns can help your business a lot. Use techniques discussed in today’s article, and let me know how they improved your ROI!

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