Custom Audiences – Create one on Facebook Ads the right way for 2021

Custom Audiences – Create one on Facebook the right way for 2021

For any business that is creating a new branding promotion online, Facebook advertising is a must. The same goes for small businesses trying to improve their digital sales and e-commerce sites that need more customer visits. While Facebook advertising is one of the best digital marketing options, there is more to it than many people assume.

One of the main advantages of using Facebook advertisements in your digital strategy is because it allows for easier customer targeting. Facebook Custom Audiences are segments of customers divided into several groups, depending on certain targeting metrics. This helps you create more specific campaigns, and your overall ROI will increase.

Ever since Facebook had launched the Facebook custom audiences feature for ads, many businesses have seen tremendous growth. With better customer targeting, your business can now show the advertisement to customers who are interested in your product. You will see a significant increase in qualified leads as a result of this.

It’s no rocket science either. Facebook has created a simple system which helps you create Facebook custom audiences without any special expertise. However, you should have at least some basic marketing knowledge to implement the targeting successfully. You can even integrate it with many other platforms to get the most qualified leads into your marketing funnels.


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Types of Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook custom audiences are divided into many categories that help define a unique customer segment. You should know each segment and when to use a certain option. Some of the common options for Facebook custom audiences include:

Facebook Audience

One of the easiest ways to create a Facebook custom audience is to use stats that you obtain from Facebook. You can target customers who have engaged with your page, liked your posts or have some connection to your Facebook page. This is the easiest custom audience to create as Facebook stores the data themselves.

You won’t need to connect any additional marketing apps in the case of Facebook customer audiences. However, it does limit your ability to advertise to a wide range of new customers. From a marketer’s point of view, it’s better to be more efficient than to have a wider range of engagement. Customers that were already interested in your business will most likely respond positively to your ads as well.

Standard audience

If you already have a list of people to target, then you can create a standard Facebook custom audience. You can add a list of Facebook IDs, email addresses, phone numbers and other information that will help Facebook identify the targeted users. This method often works quite well because it implies that some prior research has already been done.

If you already have information on your leads, then you can target them specifically. You can also use this feature to target people on your email subscriber list. However, keep in mind that Facebook won’t be able to locate all individuals. Despite this, the ROI of this type of targeting is usually much higher.

Website visitors

Another segment of Facebook custom audience is the visitors to your website. You can select a target audience based on any URL that they visit, and you can even narrow down the segments further. For example, you can use the most recent visitor stats based on the percentage of visitors.

Another important segmentation that comes under website visitors is the number of people that performed a certain action. This could range anywhere from clicking on a link to purchasing a product online. It is the easiest way to target customers that might be interested in your brand.

With the advancements in web tracking and automation tools, your business can easily target customers based on specific activities that they engage in online. It can be a general website visit or other activity that shows their preferences.

Facebook engagement

When it comes to creating a custom audience, using Facebook engagement data is one of the best strategies. Facebook collects real data from users based on the amount of time they spent on a certain page, video, or post. It also shows the level of engagement that an individual had with a specific post. This information is useful when creating Facebook custom audiences.

You can create a Custom audience using Facebook engagement metrics such as the amount of time someone spent watching certain videos. The same can be applied to page data and posts. Other engagement options include filling a lead form, Instagram engagement events, and Instant experience. Using engagement to create an audience is useful for targeting customers that are active in certain niches.

Customer lookalike audience

Creating Facebook custom audiences does not have to involve customers that you already know. You can use it to target new customers as well. This is actually more popular than many other custom audience groups because of its scope. With Facebook lookalike audiences, you can choose the audience subgroups that fit your preferred target.

You can divide the audience into age, nationality, region, and many other segments and target them generally. If you already know what the persona of your audience is, then this option is quite successful. However, it requires careful research and planning to get right. You should know your current customers, their preferences, etc. before you create a new audience based on that.

If done right, this method can help you grow your brand significantly. You will also find it easier to promote your products to new audiences.

Steps to create a facebook custom audience

Steps to create a Facebook custom audience

Collect your data

This can be a list of email addresses, or data from your website. It could also include data obtained from Facebook analytics.

Select ‘create audience’

In your Facebook business Suite under ‘more tools’, select ‘audiences’. From there you will notice a ‘create audience’ option.

Location of 'Create Audience'

Choose Custom audience

From the 3 options presented, choose ‘custom audience’.


Select your custom audience

There are around 10 different options for creating a custom audience. Chose the one that you wish to target and enter the details.

Custom Audience Options

Publish your ad

Once you select the right custom audience, Facebook will send your ad or post to the selected audience.

Use Facebook custom audiences to promote your brand

Whether you are a small business or large multinational company, you can use Facebook marketing to promote your brand effectively. Facebook has many unique features that can help you with brand promotion and create a custom audience.

By dividing your customers into segments, you can increase the efficiency and ROI of your marketing campaigns. Do you have any experience with Facebook custom audiences? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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