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Hi, I’m David, I run a digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh, and I am here to help you!  We are all sailing in this huge ocean, called digital marketing, and want to create big waves.  With the sheer amount of companies crowding the digital marketing space, it is becoming more and more difficult to make an impact, no matter how targeted your approach.

You’re here because you want to learn about where we come from, what we stand for as a company, and the services we provide. My team and I are a digital marketing agency in Pittsburgh, and have had the opportunity to learn so much about creating effective digital marketing strategies.do youhave any quiery read our Terms of Services.

Where I come from

As a young adult in his twenties with little to no experience, I kick-started my journey in the digital space.  But I wasn’t without a plan! Armed with years of computer experience and a very creative mind, I was able to bring to life an online gaming platform. This was my first time creating a website, and I also learned and used PHP.

My first venture opened me up to the digital world, and in many ways, It also introduced me to some amazing people out there!

Equipped with the skills to build a decent website, and an increasing love for the importance of a green, energy efficient workplace, my next business venture was born! This was my first attempt at creating a company website including SEO, Lead Generation, as well as Project Management. It taught me the importance of building a digital presence online.

Yet and still, I did not feel like this was the right fit.

So, I ventured into roadside assistance next.  The opportunity to work with companies such as AAA, Road America, and Geico during my time as Chief Operating Officer humbled me and equipped me with quite a few deal-making skills. I also built a great website for us, complete with membership system, social media presence as well as directory listings!

Which brings me to how I can help you succeed in marketing your business…

What we do


Looking to rank fast on Google? Our White Hat SEO services include page speed optimization, keyword research, content strategy, and competitor research. Therefore, a pretty website wont get you results without a back end that is just as amazing!

Social Media

We excel at setup, content creation, Influencer marketing, as well as engagement optimization. However, Social Media can be a powerful tool if used properly, or a money pit if used otherwise. Thus, leverage our knowledge to be successful!

Web Design

Not getting results from your current website? Conversely, do you need an entire Website created? from On-Page SEO, to Sales Funnel Optimization, let our team assess your needs, and create an online presence that delivers results!

Email Marketing

Are you currently nurturing or looking to create an Email list? In short, let our team of experts create Emails that will maximize open rates. Take advantage of our system that is proven to increase click through rates!



Content is the life of any marketing strategy. Our seasoned writers will create targeted content, geared towards ranking organically and getting attention. Therefore, let our word-smiths write you an SEO optimized, fully responsive master work.

Ad Management

Make the most out of your ad spend by leveraging our experience with top Ad platforms such as Google, Bing, Facebook, and Pinterest. Thus, use us to create buzz, engagement, and increase conversions through highly optimized content!

David RosalesCEO

About the CEO

Born and raised in Washington D.C, I have many fond memories of the city. From friends to family, there are a lot of people who supported me! When it was time for college decisions—I found myself heading toward Pennsylvania to attend Robert Morris University.

My favorite book is The Alchemist. It’s author, Paulo Coelho brings to life a story about following our dreams and using the natural world as guidance on your journey. My favorite quote is “Never wish life were easier, wish that you were better” from Jim Rohn. It’s the perfect mantra for those who are willing to put in a little more effort and make it happen!

Our Team

Raman Chad

Raman Chad

Digital Marketing Manager

Ali Smith

Ali Smith

Social Media Manager

Ghaaz Lee

Ghaaz Lee

WordPress Manager

Maaz Stone

Maaz Stone

Content Manager

Claude Dominic

Claude Dominic

Customer Success Manager

Sanji Leon

Sanji Leon

Paid Ads Manager

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Website Creation Social Media Marketing

Website Creation SEO Social Media Marketing Email Marketing Paid Ads

Website Creation SEO

Website Creation Social Media Marketing Shopify Managment Paid Ads

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