Drip Campaign: What they are and how to implement it for your business

Drip Campaign: What they are and how to implement it for your business

With email marketing becoming more popular nowadays, many businesses are trying out new techniques and strategies to make them effective. From carefully crafting each email, to using a template for emails and using a drip campaign to engage their customers. But do they work?

Yes, they do. Many of these email marketing strategies are quite effective if they are correctly done. However, many businesses often overdo certain aspects of their campaigns until their effectiveness is reduced significantly. With more specific marketing tools, such as a drip campaign, overusing it can be disastrous for your email campaign.

So how can you use a drip campaign effectively in email marketing? Is it even profitable? Before we look at how drip campaigns are used in an email marketing strategy. It is first important to understand what a drip campaign is.

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What is a Drip Campaign?

A drip campaign is an email marketing strategy where you create pre-scheduled emails and send them to certain subscribers. Drip campaigns often involve emails sent out to remind the subscribers of a certain promotion or event. They can be used to target specific customer segments.

For example, you can create a drip campaign every time you expand your subscriber list. And send pre-written emails to the new subscribers welcoming them to your subscription. There are many other cases where drip campaigns can be effective. But they are often not used to target the whole subscriber list.

The more spaced out the emails are, the better.

One of the advantages of drip campaign is that it allows you to target specific customer groups regarding an activity. It can also be used effectively to prepare your potential leads. So that they are more inclined to buy your product or service. Drip campaigns are most effective because the same email can be used over and over. Especially if the initial results are positive for campaign.

When to use a drip campaign?

New product launches

One of the most effective use of drip campaigns is for new product launches. If you have a new product that certain customers will like based on their previous purchases. Then you can create a drip campaign to promote it. You will have to look at the analytics of the previous emails and groups users according to their purchase history.

For example, if you have a clothing store and are releasing a new shoe. You can send news of this product to customers who have previously purchased similar products. It is an effective way of targeting the customer’s preference points, and it has a high ROI as well.

To welcome new subscribers

Every time a new user subscribes to your emails, you should have a welcoming email sent out to them. This can also be used for users that left the signup process in the middle. You can schedule an email or two to remind them to confirm their subscription.

Your welcoming email should be of high quality and effective enough. It is the first impression that the new user will have of your business. When you send onboarding emails, ensure that you inform the user of what the future emails are expected to contain. This will create an expectation so that they are prepared for your future emails.

To welcome new subscribers

To engage inactive users

Another important use of drip campaigns is to engage inactive users and remind them of your product or service. You can get information on subscribers who have not yet opened your emails in a while through email analytics. These are the inactive subscribers, and they should be targeted as well.

You can send a reminder email to them, convincing them to check out the website or new product offerings. You can even send them a poll. So that you can get information as to why they are not engaging with your emails. This will help you identify any weak points in your email campaign. Moreover, it will help improve the quality of future emails.

Finish incomplete sales

If you are selling anything online, whether it be a physical product or a subscription. You will have many cases of incomplete sales. In fact, more than half of all customers abandon their carts before making a purchase. While there are multiple reasons for this occurring, many of these customers will actually be interested in those products.

Create a drip campaign to target customers who have made an incomplete purchase. Just  remind them that their products are still available. In many cases, these customers usually make a purchase. This is one of the most profitable forms of email marketing, and it does not require any complicated sales copy.

It also makes use of analytics and data so that you can target customers based on their previous actions. Many people are usually in an uncertain state of mind when buying online. In such cases reaffirmation email works so well and lead to confirm purchase.

Why are drip campaigns so effective?

The effectiveness of a drip campaign cannot be underestimated. They do not require a lot of effort to create, and they can be used multiple times. However, its real effectiveness lies in the fact that they are designed to target specific customer groups.

Before deciding whether to send a particular email to a subscriber, you should have some prior information on that person. If they have purchased from you before, then you can identify their preferences. It is better to use these preferences to target them with similar products.

The same goes for people who are inactive and have not opened your emails for some time. You can also use a pre-written email to send a welcoming to new subscribers. In short, a drip campaign can be quite effective if it is used at the right time.

If you have any experience with drip campaigns or any questions regarding its use, let us know in the comments. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. 

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