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Customer Engagement through Email Marketing Services is now a necessity when creating your brand. Find out why below.

Is email marketing dead?

No. Actually, the truth is exactly the opposite. Email marketing is here to stay, and it can prove out to be the marketing channel for you.

Why Companies Need Email Marketing Services?

When it comes to ROI (return on investment), email marketing is the winner. Period.

These stats will show why you need to invest in email marketing services for your online business.

  1. Almost 4 billion people use email worldwide which is a very hefty number. (Statistica)
  2. This might sound too good to be true, but you can get a 4200% return on your investment using this tool. (DMA)
  3. 80% of marketers use it to retain their customers which makes it a great tool for long-term profits. (Emarsys)
  4. Increase 61% orders by sending 3 follow-up emails rather than one. (Omnisend)
  5. The email newsletter is the most used type of content marketing by 81% of marketers. (Content Marketing Institute)
  6. 59% of marketers perceive email as a great source of ROI. (Emma)
  7. 49% of the consumers who perceive you as an authority would like to receive promotional emails from you. (Statista)

The list of these stats can go on and on. There’s a reason why so many big organizations support emails: It’s the personal touch of emails.

Ready to take your Email Marketing to the Next Level?

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In this digital world, we tend to forget how we used to live without advanced technology. One way to be different is to think about emails as regular mails in your mailbox. You only want those people in your mailbox whom you trust and perceive as your friends. This single logical fact is the backbone of email marketing.

To get more personal, you can segment your email lists. This involves grouping your email subscribers on a number of factors e.g. age, location, job, etc.

Start for free

Besides personalization, you can get started with it for free. Seriously, it just needs a compelling copy in the beginning. So if you think you have some copywriting magic in your fingers, start writing your email campaigns.

You can also hire freelancers from different websites to write killer email copy for you. One more way to get a great copy is to visit your nearby college and posting a job post there. Those English majors don’t mind earning a few bucks by writing for your company.

Track Your Progress Using Analytics

Once you get a good amount of email subscribers, it’s time to invest in a good email marketing tool which lets you track and improve your progress.

You can look at a number of different factors provided in your email report. However, we think that these are the most important:

  • Open rates: How many people are opening your emails? It can be related to how your subject lines are working or how they perceive you as a brand.
  • Click-through-rates: So your emails are worth opening, but are they compelling enough to send people to your website?
  • Unsubscribe rates: How many people got bored of you and unsubscribed? This can be a red signal for your overall.

In simple words, email marketing is inevitable.

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What Email Marketing Services We Offer at Blue Waves Digital

We are among a group of email marketing veterans. In past, we’ve worked with numerous clients to help their business grow, and we’ll certainly help yours grow as well.

This is what we will do if you hire us:

Study You and Your Audience

Yes, this is the main part. We get to know who you and your target audience are. We go deep both online and offline to study you and your competition. By studying your business and customers, we are able to create personalized emails that have great conversion rates.

Build Your Email List

We help you build a legal email list through our proven strategies. While you may find companies that sell you email lists, we are totally against it for two reasons:

  1. It’s illegal to buy email lists (or at least, using a bought list is illegal).
  2. It will never build a personal relationship with the subscribers. You can also end up in the spam folder this way.

In addition, we treat email subscribers as our friends, and we respect their privacy.

Succinctly Crafted Emails

We write emails that are tailored to your brand. No matter what your buyer persona is, we can create emails for you. The most common requests we get are:

  • Email newsletters
  • Thank you emails
  • Promotional emails
  • Post-Purchase emails
  • Cart Abandonment emails
  • And many more!

You don’t have to worry about the sales funnels. Whatever your needs are, we will help you.

Engaging Graphics

Visuals have a long-lasting effect than words. That’s why we create graphics that are engaging and communicative. In our sign up forms, we take the necessary information and let subscribers know about their rights.

Tracking your campaigns

We track your campaigns to get the most profits. Though we track all the analytics, we keep an eye on these 3 major metrics:

  • Open-rates
  • Click-through-rates
  • Unsubscribe-rates

Testing your campaigns

To make the most out of your email campaigns, we test your campaigns using advanced tactics like split testing, segmentation, etc.

Our Email Marketing Services Methodology

We believe in establishing long-lasting emotional bonds across owned and paid channels that pay off in the long run.

Our methodology is very customer centric. We take a deep dive into understanding your brand and your audience. First, we work on a central idea that is the foundation of your email campaigns. Then, we make our campaign live and execute the strategy. Finally, we track the progress and determine whether business objectives in terms of the KPI’s are being met.

The price table comes here.

Blue Waves Digital – Email Marketing Services Company

We offer exceptional email marketing services, and our track record proves that. We would love to help your business thrive.

To get a custom quote or ask your queries about our email marketing services, please Schedule a consultation.

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