Email Marketing Tactics – How to Avoid the Spam Folder In 2021

Email Marketing Tactics – How to Avoid the Spam Folder In 2021

There are two statements about email marketing:

  1. “Email marketing is dead.”
  2. “If you don’t know about the potential of email marketing, you must be living under a rock.”

The first one is entirely wrong, and the second one is 100% accurate.

To quantify these statements, consider the fact that email marketing can generate a staggering ROI of 4200%. That’s mind-boggling.

Imagine if you could earn $42 for every $1 spent. Now that’s the power of email marketing.

However, don’t be lured by its amazing ROI. There’s a right way to approach this marketing channel.

If you don’t follow the best practices, you won’t see results. Worst case scenario: you’ll end up in people’s spam folders.

If you don’t want to do that, read this article. I’m discussing email marketing tactics that are relevant in 2021.

They will be the cornerstone to your success in this amazing digital marketing channel.

Without any delay, let’s get to the tactics.

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Email Marketing Tactics

Don’t Buy Email Lists

What are the odds of getting a response from a purchased email list? Very low.

And what are the odds of ending up in the spam folder using a purchased email list? Very high.

So don’t risk it.

When you send an unsolicited email, you end up hurting your credibility. Many top brands always have your consent before signing you up for their emails.

Think of it from a receiver’s perspective: if you receive an email from an unknown address, you are more likely to hit the report button.​

Pay Attention to Your Language

I’m not sure about any keywords that can enhance deliverability but I can tell you a few words that can end you up in the spam folder, such as free, buy, promo, etc.

So watch what you say because email filters scan your content. This way, you’ll reduce the chances of coming off as spam. In addition:

  • Include trustworthy links
  • Prefer a smaller email size (30 kb)
  • Use credible services for images
  • Pay attention to the image-to-text ratio

Use a Trustworthy Email Service Provider

If you team up with a reliable Email Service Provider or an ESP, you’ll come across as credible.

Good ESPs ban unsolicited emails and spammers from their services. They keep an eye on the sender’s IP addresses and domains as well.

This way, they ensure that their clients don’t get banned by Gmail, Yahoo, and other services. So make sure that you are using a good ESP.

Email Marketing Tactics

Get Certified

Return Path certifies people who have dedicated IP space. You should get certified by this company.

They will give you a Sender Score certificate after auditing your mailing practices. The service is not free, but you should consider it. It can increase your chances of better conversions.

Don’t Break the Rules

In marketing, you’ll hear about breaking rules all the time. This is true to some extent, especially if we talk about being creative.

By you have to play by the rules sometimes. Email marketing is one of those times.

Avoid any dirty tricks. Some tricks worked in past, but avoid them now. A few tricks you should avoid are:

  • Hashbusting: Don’t put random characters in the content. For example, writing “f.ree” instead of “free.”
  • Deceptive Subject Lines: Don’t trick any sender by starting the subject line with “Re:” or “Fwd:”
  • Misleading Claims: Telling someone that they have won a prize (when they have not).

Image Text: Don’t hide text behind an image.

Use A Good Email Marketing Service

Like using a good ESP, you should use a good Email Marketing Service (EMS). It makes sure that your domain or IP is whitelisted by mailbox provides like Gmail and Yahoo Mail. Sending emails from your own email server or email account is risky.

One more thing: During first communications with your new subscribers, you should ask them to add your “From” address to their address books. This ensures that you’ll avoid their spam filters.

Use Clear, Trustworthy From Filed Names

It turns out that the sender’s IP, domain, and content are not the only things that matter. Your From address is important as well.

You should:

  • Avoid obscure From fields, such as: “[email protected]”, “[email protected]
  • Use clear, trustworthy From field names, such as: “contact@”, “newsletter@”, “support@”, “feedback@.”
  • Make sure that people recognize you as a trustworthy brand by sending engaging and solicited emails.

Don’t Overdo

Excess of everything is bad. In terms of emails, excess of the following things is bad:

  • The language of sales: Risky words like “prize”, “free”, “bonus”, “buy, “purchase”, “order” can get you in trouble if overused.
  • Exclamation mark. One exclamation mark per sentence is enough. Be careful with it in subject lines.
  • ALL CAPS: One all caps is enough in one sentence.

Stay In Touch

The concept of email is simple. It’s personal communication. Think of it as a replacement of the orthodox letters.

Imagine if you still use the physical mailbox. You get tons of letters every day. So which ones do you open?

The ones that stay in touch with you. The ones that are not after your money and the ones that provide value.

Hence, the same goes for email marketing. You should send emails often. Although sending multiple emails daily is not recommended, you shouldn’t wait two or three months for that either.

The idea is to become a recognizable name, like a friend whose email people always open. Failing to do so can have negative effects from deleting your message, hurting your “open” ratio, and marking it as spam.

Final Words on Email Marketing Tactics

This was my list of email marketing tactics. Mostly, these are related to following the best practices and avoiding shady techniques.

What trick do you use often in email marketing? Let me know in the comments below.

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