Start using Facebook groups to grow your business and engage customers. With this powerful marketing tool, you can get new customers, post exclusive content, and form a community.

A few years ago, we didn’t have the ability to form online communities easily. Now, we have Facebook’s ~2.5 billion monthly active users who want to become part of something great. So I don’t know why someone would be reluctant to the idea of starting a Facebook group!

Before moving further, let’s discuss something important. Engagement is a big thing for Facebook. If you think about it, it might be the only thing that Facebook makes money from. If users don’t spend much time on the platform, advertisers won’t spend their money there because they need more eyeballs.

We saw the same thing in the January 2018 algorithm change. Facebook started prioritizing posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions. This included posts from Facebook Groups for business.

Engagement gets you more reach which, in turn, gets you more engagement. So if there was a single thing that you would remember from today’s article, it should be focusing on engagement more.

Let’s see how you can create engagement on Facebook, build a community, and reap the benefits of Facebook group marketing.

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The Difference Between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group

Facebook page is like a broader version of your personal profile. You can disseminate your point of view publicly using pictures and posts.

It’s equivalent to an updating billboard for your business. You are constantly pushing your products and content related to them.

On the other hand, Facebook groups give a place for your fans to join and talk about the things they love about your brand. Discussions, weird memes, tutorials, you name it. You can find anything related to a brand in groups.

It’s an amazing way to make an emotional connection with your audience. You can start it on your own, or a fan can do that.

There are different types of groups according to your needs: public, private, or secret. Whatever you choose, focus on creating a loyal, authentic online community.

Benefits of a Facebook Group for Your Business

It’s a Platform for Your Customers

Think about it: Your Facebook page, Facebook profile, website, and many other things are a platform for you to talk about yourself. On the flip side, Facebook groups give your customers a chance to express what they love about your brand.

This can get you ahead of your competition. Every content piece they post and each time they react to a post gives you a chance to improve your business.

It’s a Chance to Build Long-Lasting Relationships With Customers

A Facebook group is a great way to turn one-time buyers into long-term clients and brand advocates.

Open your Facebook account and check how many groups you are in. And think about how many you actually check daily. It’s a handful. That’s because you care about those companies and they have a friendly environment in their groups.

It’s a Way to Increase Your Organic Reach

I mentioned the importance of engagement in the intro. Here, we have its reward. Facebook prioritizes content from Facebook groups with high engagement. So focus on posting and interacting more. You’ll see results soon.

Facebook Groups

How to Use Facebook Groups for Your Business

Now that you have seen the importance of Facebook group marketing, let’s learn how to use it for your business.

Sure, a group looks like a social club, but a businessperson will find a lethal business tool in it. Here’s how:

As a Customer Support Community

A customer is stuck, and he/she posts in the group or asks you through the inbox. Resolve the issue by posting in the group. This way, others will learn as well.

On the other hand, community members can resolve one another’s issues without your involvement. This will create a thriving community.

As a Learning and Engagement Tool

You can use it as a social learning tool. Or you can host live streams to engage more people.

Either way, use different strategies to encourage activity and repeat visits to your page.

As a Feedback Forum

Apart from social learning, you have a community in front of you whom you can ask several questions. Start with how much they are satisfied by your products or services.

As a Place to Find Insights

Facebook groups give tons of analytics. That includes membership, growth, and engagement. Use them to your advantage.

As a Place for Fans to Connect

You don’t always have to be at the forefront of your business. Give customers space to talk about you. Let their fangirls come out.

As a Cash Stream

Groups are not meant to be sales pitches. Still, you can put marketing stuff from time to time. Provide members-only deals to followers. Share any last-minute offers.

Best Practices for Facebook Group Marketing

Create a Clear Code of Conduct

Start with implementing a set of rules. Like parties, groups can turn wild. From general behavior to terms of service, set the rules according to your business.

Keep Your Group Unique

The same goes for the content you post in the group. People joined the group because they thought you were awesome. Prove them that you are.

Post Regular Welcome Messages

This can be a great gesture to the newcomers.

Engage Consistently

It’s a big thing for Facebook so I have mentioned it again.

Do you have a Facebook group? If not, are you planning on creating one? Let me know in the comments below.

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