Facebook Messenger Marketing – A Quick Guide

Facebook Messenger Marketing – A Quick Guide 

​When someone is new to marketing, they are surprised to find out new topics and facts about marketing. For example, when you learn that many giant online companies make most of their revenue by advertising, it boggles your mind. It still baffles me, sometimes, that Google’s revenue from ads was around 70% of their total revenue in 2018.

Another example of new ways of marketing is using Facebook Messenger. Boasting 1.3 billion users, it becomes a good platform for marketing (even though some people will not think about using Messenger for marketing).

How do you do marketing using Messenger? Well, that’s exactly what I’m going to talk about today. But first, let’s uncover some more facts about Messenger.

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Why Use Facebook Messenger Marketing?

What do you think when social media marketing comes to your mind? I bet it’s about marketing on major apps/websites such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. But if you are not considering their messaging apps, you are missing out on plenty of opportunities.

According to BI Intelligence, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and Viber are used by more people than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Here are a few findings from a study conducted by Facebook IQ on the use of mobile messaging:

  • 56% of people prefer to message a business than to call.
  • 63% of people increased their communication with businesses using messaging.
  • More than 50% say that if they can message a business, it increases the likelihood of their buying something from that business.

So I’d recommend you try the 5 tips below to reach more customers using messaging. ​

Facebook Messenger Marketing

5 Ways to Nail Facebook Messenger Marketing

Deliver Your Content

By now, you might be delivering content using just email. I’m not against email. In fact, I love email marketing and preach it every day. I even have plenty of resources on my blog about email marketing that you can read.

But can you deliver content using Messenger? Hubspot wanted to find out that. So they asked users to skip the process of filling the form for the email newsletter and get content to their Facebook Messenger.

About a month later, they found out that Messenger won. Using this strategy, they got a 242 percent higher open rate and a 619 percent higher click rate.

Help Your Followers Pull Content To Themselves

You know the importance of delivering content. Now, you want to help the user find the most relevant content.

It is a new way of content marketing. You can find plenty of examples of this strategy. Whole Foods Market and TechCrunch use chatbots to help users find the content they’d like. For example, if you type and enter Elon Musk on TechCrunch, you’ll find several articles related to the billionaire entrepreneur.

Messenger gives you a different way of giving personalized content to your followers. To deliver the personalized content, you’ll need a chatbot.

Here are some best practices of this strategy:

  • Don’t sell. Use it as a medium of content marketing.
  • When people visit your website to read the content you curated for them, make sure it is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Give them your contact information and customer service details.

A chatbot that delivers personalized content is different than making a simple chatbot. I recommend checking out guides from Chatfuel and Botsify.

Send information and events regarding event using messages

You can engage people during an event using Messenger. Again, Hubspot found out that response rates on email were lower than that on Facebook Messenger.

Using this strategy, people won’t forget about your event no matter it’s a webinar or an offline event.

Use tools like ManyChat, you can send messages to several people at a single time. This is similar to sending an email.

Re-Engage Potential Customers

Throughout the article, you might be thinking: how do I gather followers to talk to on Messenger?

Well, one great way is to use Facebook ads.

Facebook offers you two types of Facebook Messenger apps. The first one is called click-to-Messenger ads. You can use it to initiate a conversation with people by sending them from Facebook News Feed to Messenger. The second one, sponsored messages, lets you message anyone who has messaged you once on your Facebook page.

Use these ads to re-target. An example will clarify it. Let’s say if someone saw the price of your product but didn’t buy it, you can talk to them further on Messenger.

We all know that how normal Facebook ads are crowded. With too many businesses promoting their products, people might ignore most of them. But with Messenger, you can get to their inbox, cutting through all the noise.

These inbox ads can be annoying as well. Marketers are loving them, but customers are giving mixed reactions. So be careful with these because you don’t want to repel people.

Customer Support

This is one of the best uses of Facebook Messenger marketing. And you might already be doing it.

Providing speedy customer support is a new form of marketing, according to some people.

People contact businesses using different ways. Some people will even comment on your post about a problem. And some will inbox you.

It doesn’t matter what means they use to contact you, you want to reply to them quickly.

According to Sprout Social, people expect a brand to respond within four hours. Not doing so can even mean your customer going to your competitor. You wouldn’t want to let that happen, would you?

So, provide speedy customer service using Facebook Messenger.

Final Words

Facebook Messenger marketing can be a good tool for your business. Use it wisely and grow your online presence.

Do you have any crazy stories about customer service? Let me know in the comment section below.

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