Five Lead Magnet Ideas That You Can Use In 2021

Congratulations! You have been working hard on your online business. You have set up a great website. The design is great, the content is amazing, and the user experience is excellent.

You are also doing website SEO which means more people are visiting your website. Some of them are converting as well because your products help improve their lives.

But you know that something is missing. There’s a way you can get more future customers. That’s where you need to bring lead magnets.

A lead magnet is a simple tool used to collect a person’s contact information (in marketing, we call that person a lead). These magnets are important for attracting people to your business.

Some lead magnets are simple, and others are super in-depth. The in-depth ones take plenty of time, effort, and money to put together. So if you don’t get a high ROI, all of your resources are wasted.

To ensure that you give people a good offer, I’m giving you 5 lead magnet ideas today. These ideas are quite popular, so there’s a higher probability that they will work.

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Lead Magnet And Its Components

I talked a little bit about lead magnets in the intro, but before I get into further details about the lead magnet ideas, let’s uncover it a little more.

A lead magnet compels people to provide their contact information. In most cases, it would be their email address. In exchange, they’ll get something valuable, such as an e-book, template, or white paper. Most of the time, it is downloadable, but it can also be a coupon code.

Now let’s see what components make a good lead magnet:

  • Call-to-Action or CTA: It is in the form of a statement and button or link. It compels people to click on your lead magnet. The words written on it are very important because they trigger emotions in people and inspire them to click. Apart from being compelling, it has to be clear so that the user knows exactly what that next step is.
  • Landing Page: Clicking on the CTA takes the user to the landing page. This page is designed to take user’s information. So a form with fields is necessary here.
  • Thank you page: Once they submit their information on the landing page, they will be directed to a thank you page. It will let them download the resource they were promised.
  • Kickback email: After downloading the resource, they will receive an email. This is the first email in the campaign you will run to get them engaged with your brand.

Now that we know the basics of lead magnet, let’s explore some lead magnet ideas that can help you grow your email list:


People have different reading patterns on the web. It’s quite different from reading a book. Ask yourself how many blog posts you opened yesterday and how much you read completely? I’m sure you didn’t read all of them.

However, some people are willing to read the whole page, but they don’t have enough time to do so. They just want to solve their problems quickly. A checklist is a lucrative lead magnet idea in this case.

For example, you wrote a blog post for marketing directors about daily tasks. You can create a daily task checklist that can help them manage their teams. It will increase the chances of getting their emails. The type of checklist will vary from blog post to blog post. Use your imagination to create it.

Templates And Scripts

Whether it’s designing a social media banner or writing sales copy, templates can help you a lot. They are excellent if a task is repetitive.

For example, if you own a blog, you can use a blog post template to create new content. It will act as a base for future posts. 

Another example is script lead magnets. It has fill-in-the-blank sections which user can customize it to their purposes. They can use it for phone calls or sending sales emails.

Five Lead Magnet Ideas


It is another way to convert a valuable blog post into a lead magnet. If you can’t make a checklist or a resource guide out of a blog post, make it a cheat sheet. It’s simply a collection of the most important ideas from your blog post. It will let them quickly reference the information without digging through your blog again.

Forum Or Membership Site

If you have a membership site, giving access to it for free is one of the most very lucrative lead magnet ideas. People want to try out things before paying. So for a limited time, if they can access a valuable product for free, they’ll easily give their email addresses.

What lead magnet idea is most lucrative from today’s blog post? Please let me know in the comment section below!

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