Google Ads Auto Applied Recommendations – Here Is How You Can Use It

Google Ads Auto Applied Recommendations – Here Is How You Use It

Over the past few years, running ad campaign through Google ads to grow online businesses has become popular. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds.

The average person had plenty of difficulties using these platforms. So, in January 2019, Google introduced a new feature of Auto Applied Recommendation for ad accounts. By using this feature, Google ads automatically make changes in ad account unless a user leaves its pilot program.

To further learn about Google Ads Auto Applied Recommendations and how to successfully use them for your ad campaigns, keep reading.

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How Do Google Ad Suggestions Work?

Google Ads Auto Applied Recommendations are AI-driven improvements to elements of the text and display ads you’re running in Google. It uses Artificial Intelligence techniques, along with human interaction, to get user data based on the user’s search history. After identification of search patterns, it suggests a sample ad to be evaluated and edited.

There are 35 Artificial intelligence-based ad suggestions. Users may set this feature in the recommendations tab. If they want to change settings, they may quit this feature and return to default settings after 14 days.

How To Manage Ad Suggestions?

To manage your ad suggestions, first, you need to sign-in to your Google ad Account.

After signing in, the user may change settings to apply, edit, or remove this feature. There are four main sections of this feature which I will discuss separately.

Bids Settings

There are 10 checkboxes in the bids section. Let’s see what each check box does.

Upgrade your conversion tracking with data-driven attribution

By checking this, it identifies ad pattern that leads to conversions.

Bid more efficiently with enhanced CPC

It is used for small to mid-sized campaigns that enhance the CPC bid strategy from regular.

Bid more efficiently with target impression share

It allows advertisers to show customize ads based on where, what, and how people search.

Bid more efficiently with Target CPA

By checking it, advertisers receive more conversions as they spend more money.

Bid more efficiently with Target ROAS

It is a smart bidding strategy that helps you get more revenue or conversion value based on the target. It will optimize auction-time and bid-tailoring for each auction.

Bid more efficiently with maximizing Clicks

This will helps you to get more clicks on your ads based on your daily budget.

Bid more efficiently with maximized conversions

This will helps you to get more conversions on ad based on your daily budget. Always set this to max CPC.

Adjust your CPA targets

Target CPA works on an AI-based mechanism to adjust bids in real-time signals and get as many conversions as possible below or equal to your CPA budget.

Adjust ROAS Targets for max conversion bid

Adjusting your Target ROAS will help you to get more conversions as per your target. The advertiser can use this campaign for Search networks, Display networks, Shopping Campaigns, and Ad Campaigns to achieve ROAS target by using this strategy.


Marginal ROI – Target ROAS Lowering

This allows checking conversion value same as Adjusting ROAS.

Ads and Extensions

Use optimized ad rotation

It allows showing ads both on the Display network and search network. It optimizes ads for each auction based on device data, location, keywords, and search terms.

Test new ad text for repeatedly used phrases

It has a minor effect on an individual account. It helps in lowering search terms reporting.

Add callouts to your ads

It will help you promote your business by offering unique services like a 24/7 helpline or free shipping across a specific area. You may learn in detail using this resource: How to use callout extensions?

Add site link extensions to your ads

Using Site link extension customers will easily go to a service or product part of your site using this link. You may set up Add site link extensions.

Add descriptions to your site links

Advertisers may describe product, service, or business timings so that customers can easily find out. It should be a short ad.


Add structured snippet extensions to your ads

This structure snippet adds more value to your product and service so that people click more frequently on your ad.


Create new versions of your ads

It helps advertisers to test different versions of an ad. It can be done by changing the title, description text, final URL, or Mobile URL.


Create Dynamic Search Ads

It is the most useful tool that directs a potential customer to your site. Google also helps provide tools to create useful Dynamic Search Ads.


Add responsive search ads

Responsive search Ads show more relevant text and messages to your customers. It automatically reaches potential customers and improves ad campaign performance.


Add responsive display ads

This strategy requires manual maintenance. If you do not have enough time for this, please do not check this box.


Add assets to your responsive search ads

Assets used in the responsive search ads show here. You can compare its assets within this category.

Improve your responsive search/display ads

Improvement in the RSA can bring more potential customers and allow you to narrow down your customer base.

This resource from Google can help you improve RSA.

Google Ads Auto Applied Recommendations

Keywords and Targeting

Expand your reach with Google Search Partners

Google partners with Search Network to show ads and product listing free of cost to non-Google sites, such as YouTube.

Remove redundant keywords

Duplication of keywords seems spam. Removal of such keywords will improve the optimization score.


Remove non-serving keywords

These are the active keywords for more than a year with zero impressions. Removal of these keywords will improve the optimization score.


Pause poorly performing keywords

Some keywords bring poor customer interaction. The advertiser may pause and add new keywords to get more clicks.


Add New Keywords

The addition of different new keywords will improve the optimization score and bring traffic to potential customers.


Add phrase or broad match versions of your keywords

The addition of long-tail keywords or different versions of the same keywords will have more effect on new clicks.


Add negative keywords

Individual negative keywords may be added, such as adding a product brand with a non-brand.


Remove conflicting negative keywords

One or more keywords may be removed at once which creates a conflict.


Add audience reporting

It provides the matrix data of audiences created by the advertiser. It tells acquisition, behavior, and conversion data.


Adjust your keyword match versions

While you search on Google, it shows results for matching keywords. Adjusting these keywords will helps to get more clicks on your ads.


Broad match for fully automated conversion-based bidding

It is the type of keyword match. It shows keywords that relate to your keyword.


Display targeting expansion

This feature costs a high budget and is useful for businesses with high CPA.


It shows ads that were rejected due to any reason, such as wrong spelling. Advertisers may edit and repair ads through this feature. 

Opt-out of Automatic ad suggestions

Auto suggestions feature is a good tool for advertisers. If you want to quit, you may change settings here. Defaults will be resumed after 14 days.

Final Words On Google Ads Auto Applied Recommendations

I have explained all parameters of Google Ads Auto Applied Recommendations. By working on these parameters, you will get more clicks on your ad and get more potential customers.

I think this is a great AI-based advertising tool that reduces human interaction to enhance clicks and visits to your site.

If you have any suggestions or questions related to this article, feel free to comment below in the comments section.

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