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Top 10 Homepage Design Examples (And What They Did Right)

Your website design beats your website copy.

That statement hurts especially if you’re a copywriter. But it’s a fact.

A good homepage design can turn a visitor into a customer. Similarly, a bad homepage design can turn off a potential customer and make them leave your website. So the job of your website’s design is to influence as well as communicate with your visitors.

To inspire you, we have gathered a list of 10 beautiful homepage designs.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

10 Great Homepage Designs


They have laid out their major products (shoes) upfront in an elegant way so it’s the first thing visitors notice and get the feel of what their business is about. This is an example of a good ecommerce website design.

They have a creative way of building their email list for email marketing. They have set up a mailbox sign in the top bar with a red notification that attracts the visitor. When you hover over it, it gives you a 10% discount code which you can use to shop when you sign in. At the bottom, they are again asking the visitor to sign up for 10% discount. It’s a great way to get visitors’ emails which you can use for email marketing purposes.

Visit Clarks


They let their images speak. With their images, they take their visitors to the ocean and give them a surfing experience.

Their homepage design is the perfect example of how you can communicate with visuals rather than words. They have used the word “surfing” just once on the entire homepage. In addition, they have placed a search bar on the homepage as well. This might sound obvious but having a search bar is a must if your website has tons of products.

Visit Firewire

PayPal Here

PayPal Here is the perfect example of how simple things communicate better. Their homepage design clearly lays out all the basic information a visitor would want about them. They don’t use fancy words to trick the reader. They just simply say what their basic product is: “the chip and credit card reader.”

Their homepage also reminds readers (a couple of times) to add products to their carts in case they forget to order.

Visit PayPal Here

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ESPN Sports Programming

In terms of simplicity, ESPN Sports Programming beats PayPal Here. Their major banner simply tells you what the website is about: ESPN Media Distribution.

And you don’t have to scroll that much to see the categories. They are right below the banner after which the webpage ends. They have placed the categories in the navigation bar as well which shows if you have something so important about your website, you should mention it more than once.

Visit ESPN Sports Programming


All the websites that we have mentioned so far have one thing in common: they don’t play around. They let the visitor know upfront what their website is about.

Toggl is no exception. Although, they have their simple, creative way of saying what their business is. It’s a combination of good copywriting and graphic design. The creative tagline “It’s time to get your team on track.” shows you they are about time tracking.

If you want a creative design, their homepage design is worth looking at because they have some beautiful and creative graphics.

Visit Toggl


This is another example of a great simple design. They went overboard and put a sign in/sign up form on the homepage. It’s logical because in order to access their services, you have to sign in.

Besides the sign-in form, they have put a good navigation arrow that guides you to the next part of the page. From there, they start to expand the benefits they provide. From the colors merging in and pictures moving without the text moving, it’s a design worth checking out.

Visit Dropbox

10 great home page designs


“Welcome to your new HQ.” After reading this tagline, who would not guess that this website is about work specifically teamwork. To the left side of this tagline, they have placed a few moving snippets of how working on this software looks like. It’s a good idea to give your potential customers a feel of how the inside is.

Visit Slack


Their homepage is a great example of going with the flow. Right now, they are focusing on the contactless dining and their homepage is emphasizing it.

In addition, the color schemes they have used on their website go really well with their overall branding.

Visit Chipotle


Medium’s website design makes you feel smart. On the banner, they have laid out all the topics you can choose from.

And not to mention, how many times they remind you to sign up without overdoing it. They also give you the option to sign up for their subscription for a few dollars, but they don’t come too hard at you like many websites.

Visit Medium


Their graphics on the homepage is one of the coolest things we have seen in a while. They make you feel relaxed and calm as if you’re on a vacation. And really, this is how a website should make you feel. Any business’ website should give a little feeling of what products or services they offer. And Airbnb has done rightly so.

Visit Airbnb

Tips to improve your website’s homepage design

We have discussed the 10 finest homepage designs. They all have something in common and can teach you a few things. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while creating your homepage design.

  • Don’t play around. Let the visitor know who you are as soon as possible.
  • Show your services in a creative way.
  • Your products’ and website’s feel should match.
  • Gather their emails by offering them something in a return. It’s a win-win situation because gathering emails is very crucial for email marketing.
  • Don’t come too hard with your call-to-actions. It can be a turnoff. Be gentle, and emphasize that they have a choice to click or not.

These tips will surely help you in creating your web design.

So which design did you like the most today?

Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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