How Does Content Marketing Attract Potential Customers

If you are reading this blog article, you probably spend a lot of time on the internet. That means you are constantly encountered with content marketing. And you don’t even realize it.

I’m talking YouTube videos, blog posts, emails, and tons of other content. You consume this content daily without realizing that people are marketing their products and services to you.

Of course, it’s not an ad. In an ad, you would sell directly to an audience. With content marketing, you give content to people so that they can get informed or entertained. At the same time, you are marketing your business indirectly.

This is an inbound strategy where your ideal customers reach you when they are in need of information. Contrary to that, you reach your ideal customers in outbound marketing.

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What Is Content Marketing?

Formally put, content marketing is the process of creating and sharing valuable free content so that you can attract your ideal buy persona and convert them into customers. You want to earn their trust and let them know about your brand. And you do it without being pushy and by educating, entertaining, and inspiring them.

The Importance of Content Marketing and How It Attracts Potential Customers

Every business needs some form of marketing. Putting the content at the center stage of marketing is becoming common for many businesses. This type of strategy can be valuable to educate your target audience.

Think about it:

You are stuck on a problem. You Google it and find the solution on a website. Next time, you’ll be going to that website for all your needs related to the first query. And when you need a related product or service, you’ll most likely buy from them.

So it’s a great way to attract new customers as well as re-engage existing customers.

You are most likely to get them excited about your business. Let’s be honest here: Most ads on the internet are trying to sell to you. I know there are brands like Apple that have great ads.

But other than that, it’s very hard to make a solid connection using advertising. Compare it to content marketing. You are always giving information and entertainment to your audience. So you can get them excited about your business easily.

If you are still thinking about the reason why it can work, think about how the customer goes through their buying journey.

Here’s a common model to explain this:

  • Awareness phase: You can consider it the first phase in the buyer’s journey. They are looking for information on their desired topic. This can range from researching the basics of SEO to looking for the best ways to make coffee. Mostly, it’s related to a problem they are having or simply looking for information on a topic they’re researching.
  • Consideration phase: Now, they have a good understanding of their desired topic and want to look at the options available in the market that can solve their problem. Keep in mind that you are also one of them.
  • Purchase phase: Now, they are seeking information on how to make a purchase.

Using content marketing, you can attract customers during all of these stages. And the good part is that it’s completely scalable.

Figure out what the awareness, consideration, or purchase phases are for your business. And start creating content on these phases. Soon, you’ll be able to bring in potential customers. And you’ll also keep bringing them in long after it’s created.

Keep in mind that this content should be optimized for the readers. That means, they should be able to find what they are looking for. Otherwise, it would be like shooting in the dark.

The Best Ways to Accomplish Content Marketing

You can get started with content marketing in several ways. Your content strategy can include the following types of content:

Posting Regularly to a Blog

Blogging is probably the most famous type of content marketing especially if you are doing it on your website. On other websites, YouTube marketing is quite popular, but consistent blogging has a high potential of bringing targeted customers.

With blogging, you can find potential customers at any stage of the customer journey. So start working on a strategy related to consistent blogging.

Downloadable Content (E-Books, Templates)

People like free stuff. And when they are in the middle of a problem, they would highly appreciate it if someone is giving the solution for free. For that, work on e-books, templates, tutorials, etc.

You can use this free stuff as a lead magnet. The concept is simple. Give people what they are looking for free. Ask for their emails in exchange. Then use these emails for email marketing.

Rich Media (Videos and Podcasts)

You probably know that videos have higher engagement rates than text. The same goes for podcasts. People like to sit back and relax while they consume information. To be honest, that doesn’t work in the case of reading text. No matter how much you love to read, most people would go with a video than a book.


The good old webinars form a deeper, more personal connection with customers. Remember to make them educational, instead of sales.

Interactive Tools

These tools can showcase your products in an excellent way. They serve as a great way to engage your target market.


You are already building your email list using the lead magnets you are giving people for free. Now, market to those people. Again, your first priority should be providing value. Do it without being pushy.

Landing Pages

Lastly, make good landing pages so that people can understand your products or services better.

What’s your favorite type of content marketing? Let me know in the comments below!

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