How iOS 15 Might Affect Marketing Campaigns?

The wait is over for Apple users, as Apple announced its new launch of iOS 15 during the WWDC 2021 conference. It is one of the biggest developer conferences by Apple.

Apple is going to launch it in September 2021. So, as a marketer, you might wonder what will happen in the marketing world after its launch? What will be the pros and cons of the new launch?

As a brand owner or marketing expert, what do you need to know about it? How you can utilize it properly to run a successful marketing campaign?

I am here to help you. After cracking down on advertising tracking in iOS 14, it will end up with email tracking.

Let’s discuss the impacts of this new iOS update on marketing campaigns.

Updates in the new iOS version

With this new update of iOS, Apple users will now be able to:

  • Turn off open tracking
  • Hide their IP addresses
  • Hide their email addresses

Currently, Apple commands over email client market share from 45% to 57%.  After this new launch, email marketers will approximately lose half of the email data and open rates.

The open rate helps marketers to know customer’s behavior, engagement, and campaign success. Due to privacy checks, email delivery tracking will affect. Marketers will no longer find either subscriber got an email or not.

Besides that, Geofence marketing will also be affected when Apple users will hide their real IP addresses.

Let me explain it in more detail.

IOS 15

What Can You Do Before And After The Ios New Version?

To be a successful marketer, do not take its negative impact on your marketing business. Set new benchmarks to successfully tackle this new update so that your business might not affect.

Here are the Top 5 changes you should prepare for before Apple’s new launch.

1.   Analyze your Email Marketing Audience

Before the launch of this update, deeply analyze your audience by email. How many Apple users read your email? If the count is low, that is great for you, as this may have a minor effect on your marketing.

For deep analysis, you can use two different types of test emails.

  • Try with different stunning subject lines to check better conversions so that you can find the best email version before the update launch.
  • Make sure you are sending an optimized version of the email to get clicks and engagement rates.
  • Remove inactive email addresses now as you will not be able to have open rates.

After the launch of the new update, in September or October, you need to adopt new marketing strategies.

2.   Know Your Benchmarks

Set benchmarks to segment the market for clicks, location, and deliverability, as that would be more assumption-based after the new update. These benchmarks would help you reach more customers.

3.   Expand Your Engagement-Based Segments

As customer engagement rate will no longer depend on open rates., you need to set criteria to find clicks and purchase activity. That meeting criteria amount would be smaller after the update. It would help you to continue with the most loyal and highly targeted engagement audience.

4.   Improve Deliverability

Email deliverability is one of the basic parameters in your e-commerce marketing. The audience may mark your email as SPAM if it has low open rates. So keep your lists clean and improve the content and quality of email to make it more engaging.

In parallel, motivate your team for timely updating of CRM data so your sales may not affect.

5.   Look for New Channels

You are surely missing out on potential customers if you have not added other channels to your marketing strategy. Use different channels including, in-App notifications, SMS, and other push notifications based on customer fence.

Research by Omnisend shows that the SMS sent count has increased to 400% with a more than 100% conversion rate.

Similarly, the web and push notification rate has increased up to 500% with a 28% conversion rate.

You can also utilize these channels for your digital marketing strategy.

6.   Avoid Knee-Jerk Reactions

With the need of time, marketers need to completely change their email marketing strategy.

Keep calm and focus on the collection of customer data, either by phone calls or form fills. It helps you work with a quality marketing strategy.

When you have done all of that, you would not need to knee-jerk to immediately shift your marketing channel.

7.   After New iOS Update

After this new update, you need to focus on recent shopping data, shopping frequency, and order value data instead of open rates. That data would help you analyze the actual purchase history of customers to make better decisions.

8.   Be Creative in your Marketing Strategy

Sales, not open rates, are the ultimate goal of every marketer. With the need of time, you have to adapt new things to run your campaign successfully. By adding creativity to your marketing, you can focus on remaining parameters, like conversions and clicks to be a successful marketer.

Final Thoughts

New privacy is a good change from a customer’s point of view. Like many marketers, I respect customer privacy. So, that is not the end of your business. A positive thinker always finds new opportunities with every single change.

Take it as a challenge, add creativity to your business, and adapt new channels to be a successful marketer.

I am closely watching these updates and will inform you of new trends in the marketing industry. Keep connected with me to know more about changes in the marketing world.

Thank you for reading this article. I would like to hear from you. Please share your thoughts about this new update below in the comments section.

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