How to Create a Facebook Contest?

Facebook is the biggest social media platform on the earth. Eleven years ago, David Fincher knew that it was going to be a global phenomenon. That’s why he made the movie, The Social Network, to show the complex beginnings of Facebook.

Fast forward to 2021, the platform boasts around 3 billion active monthly users. It’s creating engagement as no one else does. There are concerns if this much engagement is right or not. Sometimes, it raises questions about privacy.

Either way, this engagement is beneficial for businesses. They get a chance to take their business in front of audiences that are ready to take action. One of the biggest advantages Facebook gives to marketers is that they can find almost any type of audience. This is a basic principle in marketing: Market where your audience hangs out.

No matter if you are in B2B or B2C, you can milk this platform for growth. One feature in particular that will help you is the Facebook contest feature.

People like to compete. People like to win free things. Do it with contests, and you’ll be surprised looking at your results.

Whether you tell people to tag a friend to win a gift card or share a post for a chance to get a discount on their next purchase, the contest will suck people in. Apart from finding new followers and customers, you’ll keep the existing followers engaged and turn them into brand ambassadors.

Let’s see how you can create contests that grow engagement and audience.

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Creating a Facebook Contest

Decide the Goal of Your Facebook Contest

You don’t want to spend your time and efforts on any marketing activity, let alone contests, without having a goal.

Here are a few examples of goals for you to choose from:

  • Grow your email list: Having an email list is the first step of email marketing. Using contests, you can get people to sign up for your newsletter. Structure your content in a way that it’s easy for people to provide their email addresses.
  • Get new customers: You can use contests to get new customers directly. Do this by offering them discounts or promotions. You can also have your existing customers tag their friends and family.
  • Get more followers: Ask people to like your business page or personal profile to enter the contest.
  • Host an event: You can increase awareness for a future event you are hosting. The prize will be simple in this case: The winner will receive a free event admission.
  • Promote a sale or promotion: Let people know that you’re offering a sale or promotion.

Pro Tip: Make sure that you get follows and likes from people who are likely to become your customers. Otherwise, it’s not worth it.

Determine Your Facebook Giveaway Prize

Follow these tips to determine a practical giveaway prize:

  • Invest in the Prize: Don’t hesitate to invest in contest prizes. People are going to see value in it: That’s why they’ll participate in it. Also, think about the return on investment you’ll get.
  • Offer a Relevant Prize: Obviously, it should be related to your business. Coffee Cups, T-Shirts, and iPads are cute, but these things attract irrelevant users. Think of something that attracts relevant users.
  • Select the Prize from Your Existing Offerings: Do you have a personal training session? Or maybe, an ebook? Whatever your existing lead magnet is, you can give it away for free in the contest.

Identify Facebook Contest Entry Method

You can have different instructions or requirements for your participants to enter.

Here are a few:

  • Share a photo.
  • Tag your business in a Facebook status.
  • Tag a friend.
  • Check-in at your business location.
  • Like your business’s Facebook page.
  • Like the business page of the business, you’re partnering with for the contest.
  • Fill out a form on a landing page.

Pro Tip: Have a combination of the above requirements so that users are comfortable signing up. Otherwise, they may get discouraged or frustrated. Also, explain everything clearly so there’s no room for confusion.

How to Create a Facebook Contest?

Make Sure You Can Contact the Winner

That would be an awkward situation if you have a winner but no way to contact him/her. I know there’s always their Facebook profile for contacting, but you should ask for their email addresses while entering the contest.

Apart from contacting the winner easily, this will be your email list. This list is effective because you have found people who are interested in your products or services.

Create the Contest Post

Design your post yourself or work with a professional from sites like Upwork. Then pin it to the top of your business’s Facebook page. Use this resource for doing that.

Also, make sure to follow the Facebook Contest Rules.

Make sure to include all of the contest information, including:

  • What you can win.
  • How to enter the contest (most important!).
  • Who can participate?
  • Duration of the contest/entry deadlines.
  • Method of winner selection.
  • Date and method of winner announcement.

Promote Your Facebook Contest or Giveaway

After creating the post, your job is not done. Make sure that you promote it on other social media sites, blogs, and other places.

Choose and Announce the Contest Winner

Choose a random winner or the person who best met the requirements for the contest. In most cases, a random winner is good. If you had specific requirements like submitting a photo, pick the best entrant.

Finally, announce the winner so that people know the contest has ended.

Did you ever create a Facebook contest? If so, how was your experience? Let me know in the comments below.

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