How to Launch Your Brand on Social Media?

Let’s talk about just one social media platform, Facebook, first. It has around 3 billion active monthly users. That means only one social media website has around half of this earth’s population.

So you know how important it is to have a presence on social media.

That said, launching your brand on social media can be exciting as well as nerve-wracking. You want to make sales as the result of a launch, right? Even if you are a non-profit, you need some form of action. Most probably, you want people to give you donations.

So you have to make an effort to make yourself visible to prospective buyers. And this effort needs to be continual. This way, you’ll make social platforms one of the important media to endorse your products.

Here are a few ways that will help you launch your brand on social media.

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Start With a Plan to Launch Your Brand on Social Media

As they say, if you are failing to plan, you are planning to fail.

You should have a well-drafted plan and define what “success” means to you. Know what you want to get out from each platform. Of course, you want something in return for your investments. So add ROI as a goal first.

But it’s a monetary goal. Make a list of your other goals as well, such as brand awareness.

Add an editorial calendar, posting schedule, contests, and other things to your plan. Make it adaptable to changes.

Research Your Audience

This should be one of the first steps to most of your marketing endeavors. This is so important that you should write it somewhere and read it often.

“Know your customer.” You’ll read in almost every marketing book. And there’s a simple reason: You are selling the product to your audience. So you must know who they are, what they do, and what are their interests.

Use different tools for this if you can. Try to look for demographics, psychographics, etc.

Have an active plan on this. You must know your industry. Think from a user’s perspective. For example, you can read your sales letter and ask yourself, “Would this help me sell stuff?” If not, throw it away. Or at least, polish it.

You are not marketing for entertainment. Although there are brands whose sponsored content doesn’t seem like marketing. For example, Red Bull organizes different events that don’t feel like an ad for Red Bull. But you should think about the revenue your marketing is generating. If it doesn’t make any sales, work on it again.

Brand on Social Media

Choose Suitable Platforms

You also want to make sure what platforms are the most suitable for your product. This can be decided by doing a little research.

I’ll help you out a little. Let’s say you sell home improvement stuff geared towards women. Pinterest is your best bet. Also, Instagram will be good.

If you sell business-oriented tools, then Twitter and LinkedIn would be great. For most businesses, Facebook is a go-to option.

Develop Anticipation on Social Media Regarding Your Brand

How about sharing teasers of your products? Launching a company on a platform is hard, so use different tools to grab attention and build anticipation. One of those tools or techniques is sharing teasers. You can also send emails to your subscribers about this.

You might have heard that anticipation is better than the destination. Think of ideas to create an anticipatory excitement among your audience.

Doing this will always make people wait for your new products. They’ll subscribe to notifications about new updates on your social media.

“Coming soon” posts may work, but they can also be generic. Rather, look for playful ways to surprise followers.

There’s a fine line between being mysterious and being secretive. Don’t be overly secretive. Give information that makes people think about your brand.

You can also build anticipation using blog posts. Just add details of your products like their history and features. You also have stories feature to share product launch details.

Proper Use of Hashtags

They seem small, but hashtags can have a big impact on your campaign and brand image. They can also be as popular as a brand name. Think about #itgivesyouwings by Red Bull.

There are other brands, such as McDonald’s, that have popular hashtags. Think about creating your own as well. You will see more brand recognition using this.

Be creative about it. It will help you online as well as offline. Online, it will increase your reach. Offline, it will help in product launch events.

For example, the #ORIGINALs showed great results because Adidas fans were engaged by it. If you can create a similar campaign, it will help establish credibility for your company and elevate its position in any marketplace.

Create Exemplary Content

Don’t be a brand that just repurposes or rips other brands’ content. You want to be original. You want to create value. You want to create content that people can share.

For that, use vibrant imagery, creatives, and original ideas. Don’t keep all your posts for post-launch. Start posting during the launch. You can also share product previews. Try not to give too much.

Videos create a lot of engagement, so think about creating videos that include people from your team. Talk about your brand in general. This way, the audience will know that your brand is built of humans, not of robots who always look for revenue and sales.

Do you have any tips for launching a brand on social media? Share them with our readers in the comments below!

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