How to Make a Free Website on Google My Business

Google my business is a free and easy-to-use website for businesses to manage their online persona all over the world using Google Search and Google Maps. It helps users to manage their business and invite more customers. Google my business is a great platform for small businesses to manage and approach the entire world with their amazing stories.

As it’s the 21st century, almost every business is taking a turn towards online marketing. A majority of purchased products are available on the internet.

However, 60% of the businesses don’t have a website because of websites being costly to develop and a little too technical for a common person to build. But, with the free feature of the Google My Business website, you can present and expand your business.

Google will use the information you post on your business profile including the pictures and text and create your website. You can then further customize it using themes and pictures.

Read on to find more about creating a free website on Google My Business.

All You Need to Know About Google My Business

There can be several reasons why you’re not building your website. A couple of them are:

1) You think is too hard or too technical to build your website

2) You have mentioned it to someone, and they suggested that it requires a hefty amount of money.

Well, rest assured, that neither of them is true.

As I have mentioned above, Google My Business is a free mobile-optimized website, and it’s quite easy to build.

All you need to follow are three easy and basic steps that will cost you only 5-10 minutes out of your day (only once).

1) Create your website

2) Customize it to your preference

3) Publish it

Features Offered by Google My Business

These features are not very stylish ways to establish your business website, but it’s enough for you to get started. When you are opening a business website, your first and only priority should be is to establish an attention-grabbing website.

These features are more than enough for that:

User Responsiveness

Your profile is super user-friendly and will look good on any mobile laptop or computer screen without having to worry about the change of code. Being mobile responsive means that you will eventually attract more clients.

You Can Add Your Customized Domain

A customized domain can set you apart from other free websites. Customers will know that you are a legit business.

When your website is ready, you can add your personal customized domain. This way your profile reflects your business properly.

If you don’t have a domain decided or your business doesn’t have one yet, you can buy one from your Google My Business and get started.

Regularly Updated

I understand that keeping a website is hard because you constantly have to keep up with the updates, post consistently, and update new information.

But you don’t have to about that here. With these amazing features, your Google Business website will regularly and automatically be updated.

Why You Should Make a Free Website on Google My Business

Google My Business is a free one-page website. It’s a great start for people who:

  • Have a small business
  • Don’t have enough resources to build a website
  • Can’t afford to hire professionals

Even if you do have a website google my business is one of the leading sites that will improve your rankings and develop your internet business persona quicker than any other website.

Google My Business Free Website

Simple Steps to Making A Free GMB Website

  1. Log in to your GMB account and click the website.
  2. Select a color theme.
  3. Add photos and details to customize.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the customization, press Publish.
  5. Buy a domain (optional).

Free Customizing Process

1) Themes:

Google My Business offers eight free themes from where you can choose to customize the font’s colors and schemes exactly to your liking.

2) Copy:

You have a whole range of variety to choose from in the edit tool. You can edit your website’s headline, description, summary header, and summary. In every text, you can choose to bold, italic underline hyperlink, and many more options to customize.

3) Photos:

From the photo tool, you can choose and upload up to nine pictures directly below the summary body. Your pictures can be about anything that will help boost your business. You can also choose to upload your cover photo.

4) Languages:

Google my business offers 60 different languages to help out local business holders as well as international. You can write the description of your website in any language you want.

Who Else Can Benefit From Google My Business

  • Business owners if it’s their first experience with the website.
  • Small business owners who don’t have enough resources and don’t need a lot of content.
  • A business that is freelancing based.


All of us are marching towards the modern age of technology. And with these recent COVID conditions, everyone is moving their interest online.

Research says that 70% of people are more likely to choose to buy from a business that has a website. But starting a business website and managing it is not easy.

Luckily, Google my business offers amazing features for you to grow your business, not only locally, but also internationally.

Do you need any help making a free website on Google My Business? Let me know in the  comments below. I’d be happy to help.

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