How to Make a YouTube Short Video

YouTube has been the epitome of entertainment for a few years now. From dance challenges to latest trends to even education, it offers almost everything.

YouTube has provided a remarkable platform to people all across the world to have a voice and to be every bit of themselves. YouTube has given the word of entertainment another name and has been a platform shared with the audience of billions of people.

Recently, YouTube launched a new feature called YouTube Short. Using it, more people can share their ideas and creativity quickly.

Usual YouTube videos require some heavy and expensive filming equipment and editing software’s to appeal to the viewers. Many creators don’t have that luxury and have to work ages to afford equipment and then start a channel. YouTube short aims to provide a platform where everyone can create amazing content and express themselves with nothing but their mobile phones.

Everything You Need to Know About YouTube Shorts

There are two ways how you can create a YouTube short video. YouTube shorts are somewhat similar to TikTok and have tools for making 15 sec or more videos using music speed, slomo control, and much more. YouTube is creating a platform where making videos is accessible to everyone. All you need to do is upload a vertical video of no more than 60 seconds.

YouTube sometimes adds an extra second or two to the videos you upload. This may seem like nothing for regular videos but, for a short video, it draws a fine line between regular and shorts, and your videos can be labeled as short or regular only in a matter of seconds.

To be sure of that issue, upload a video of a maximum 58-57 second video so if YouTube adds a second or two your video doesn’t exceed the 60-second limit.

Now speaking of limits, your video dimension is extremely important too. Creators, through countless experiments, have discovered that a short video has to be a perfect square or a vertical (1080 x 1080 pixels). If your video exceeds even one pixel, it may refer to as tall, and YouTube will not categorize it as short.

How to Know If Your Videos Qualify As YouTube Shorts

After editing, filming and uploading your video, how will you know if it is classified as a Short or a regular?

You can easily determine that by adding a simple short featured section to your channel’s homepage and this new section is only available on mobile.

It automatically displays the content on YouTube recognized as Short. So any video you upload will be listed in their respected classified section. If your video is featured in the short, it’s short. If it doesn’t it’s a regular.

Can Shorts Be Monetized

Currently, since YouTube shorts is a relatively new feature, they cannot be monetized. But it’s not permanent. YouTube workers have acknowledged the benefit of monetization and say that they see a lot of potential in the future.

YouTube Short

How to Analyze the Performance of YouTube Shorts?

Recently on the YouTube mobile app, a new display area is added known as Short videos. It appears below the video people watch and when clicked, it sends the user to a less-than-a-minute video.

Since YouTube short is new. This year YouTube has decided to randomly select YouTube shorts to feature on this shelf. so if your video gets featured there, they will earn hundreds of thousands of views, in some cases even millions.

So your content needs to start appearing in the YouTube feed, and your subscription should rack up significant views. After being uploaded to the YouTube shelf your video will get an increase in views and could even become popular.

What Is the Difference Between Shorts and Stories?

Stories are exactly like Instagram and Facebook stories. They appear in a certain spot for a certain amount of time. So, stories are there to anticipate and to create enthusiasm among the watchers.

Whereas Shorts are focused on providing a platform to the creator who doesn’t have the luxury of creating a high-quality entertaining barrier. As a comparison, Shorts will stay on your channel and don’t disappear after any amount of time.

So, Now, let’s see how you can make a YouTube Short Video.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Making a YouTube Short

  • Sign in to your YouTube on mobile
  • Click the “+” Icon
  • Tap the option to create a short
  • To record a clip, either hold the capture button or tap it to start and then tap again to end the recording
  • Tap to undo remove the previous clip you recorded
  • To review Tap NEXT your recording
  • Tap NEXT again to edit your video or add details to it
  • Add a title (your title should not exceed the limit of a maximum of 100 characters)
  • You can also choose whether or not your video is made for kids by tapping the audience option
  • Tap Upload to finish

And there you have it. Now you are a creator on YouTube. YouTube Shorts opens so many possibilities for the creator to be every bit of themselves and have people hear them and get to know them.

Pros and Cons

  • Your videos may get a ton of views or no views at all.
  • The views do get counted as static with YouTube
  • Any subscriber you get from YouTube can either be for life or unsubscribe after a few minutes
  • If your video gets uploaded to YouTube shelf, the view time doesn’t count
  • Your video can only be 1 second to 60 seconds long

Thus, like many things, it has its pros and cons. Don’t let the cons discourage you from using them.

So, do you have any trouble making a YouTube Short video? Let me know in the comments. I’d love to help you.

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