So you have researched your blog journey and narrowed down your niche. You are also finding great topics that can bring traffic to your blog. But if you are not promoting your blog, you are missing out on a lot of opportunities.

See, promotion directly translates to marketing. You can’t just write dozens of blog posts and expect visitors to come. There are a lot of strategies involved.

Consider this: if a user sees your blog post on the third page of Google search results, what’s the possibility of them clicking on it? I know your headline and meta description play a big part in clicks. But my point is, if they have been to your blog using a Facebook or Quora link, they are more likely to click on it.

This technique may bring 30 visitors one time. But little things like these add up to a lot of visitors when you are promoting your blog using different strategies.

So let’s learn how to promote your blog in 2022 using 7 proven strategies.

Let’s get started.

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Blog Promotion Strategies

Share Your Blog On Social Media

Social Media Marketing How to Promote Your Blog

This is a strategy that many people use to promote their blogs. And it’s one of a few strategies that work really well.

I know you are not hearing about social media promotion for the first time, but I’m mentioning it because of its effectiveness.

Whether it’s Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, you should share your blog post on all relevant platforms. However, you should first ask yourself if you have enough social media presence or not.

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Avoid posting swipe-up links to your content daily. Instead, focus on engaging posts and driving traffic to your site using just a few posts a month.

This strategy doesn’t just work for blog promotion. It increases your social media presence. Alternatively, when you grow your social media presence, those followers will become naturally curious and take a look at your blog for themselves.

How to Promote Your Blog – Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a social media platform as well. But it deserved another spot for many reasons. One of those reasons is the fact that its users are always looking for answers as compared to other platforms where users might just be killing their time.

This platform can be especially beneficial for new bloggers. It can engage people who might be interested in topics you discuss on your blog.

After creating a Quora account, make sure you answer questions related to your niche daily. Copying and pasting your blog URLs can come off as spammy and might even get you blocked on Quora.

So focus on helping readers with useful answers and keep your blog URL on your profile. Readers can come to your account on their own if they’d like.

Update and Upgrade Old Content

This blogger set out to update every single post on his website. Even though it was a tough job, he increased his overall traffic by 25.71% compared to the previous year.

25% may not sound a lot to you but consider this: If you have 10,000 visitors, and somehow, you can make them to 12,500 visitors, it would mean the world to you. This strategy can achieve this type of result for you.

How to Promote Your Blog – Guest Post On Popular Blogs

It’s another tried-and-true technique on our list. It’s also one of the oldest marketing techniques around.

This technique involves reaching out to similar blogs in your niche and asking them to publish your content. It’s beneficial for both parties. For them, it’s a high-quality content piece. For you, it generates a backlink.

However, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Creating a high-quality guest blog post can take time. And convincing other websites to post your content is not easy as well. Freelance writers can help you reduce the workflow in this regard.

Add guest post bonuses in your post. It means you offer people something that makes them WANT to visit your website. Otherwise, you’ll get less traffic.

How to Promote Your Blog – Network on Related Blogs

This strategy is not as big as the above-mentioned strategies, and it won’t affect your SEO. But if you start to network on other similar blogs, it will get you on the radar of other bloggers in your industry.

By doing as little as leaving a comment on other blogs, you begin cultivating relationships within your community.

I know it’s a small strategy but do it anyway because it doesn’t involve any money.

LinkedIn Syndication

LinkedIn Logo How to Promote Your Blog

Did you know that LinkedIn had around 774 million users? Well, the good news is that this platform is mostly untapped.

I know more people have started to focus on this platform, but you can still become an authority on it by posting valuable content.

So start discovering opportunities on this platform. Sometimes, you can just repost your stuff on this platform. I’m talking about copying word-for-word. Despite that, you can get a good number of views.

The Super Simple Newsletter

Finally, we have yet another simple technique that works. It will bring a lot of people to your site.

I recommend that you go with a simple newsletter. You can test dozens of fancy formats but most probably, a simple one will work.

No fancy graphics.

No long intro.

No images.

Just a quick intro and a link to the post. That’s all!

What’s your favorite technique from this blog post? Let me know in the comments below.

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