How to Set Up a Linkedin Business Page And Why?

Are you one of 30 million companies that are using LinkedIn for business growth? If you’re still not using this platform to grow your business, don’t worry; it’s not too late to get started.

I am here to help you establish your business on LinkedIn. That is not because it is one of the top social platforms to recruit rich talent across the globe. Besides this, you will be able to showcase your brand to up to 690 million active professionals to connect with and sell.

Due to the large variety of tools available at LinkedIn for digital marketing, it is useful for all types of companies from small to large, B2B and B2C.

Now you might think: why should I create a business page on LinkedIn? I will help you understand why your business needs to have that one and how to create it? Just follow this simple step-by-step guide to establish your business page.

Why Do You Need to Create a LinkedIn Business Page?

Your profile on LinkedIn can only be beneficial for you if you are planning to advance your career. In the case of a company, a business page is necessary to showcase your products or services, recruit talent, and grow your business.

Here are the top five reasons why you should create a business page:

  1. You can easily promote your products or services to reach a pool of potential audience.
  2. By posting a job opportunity, you can recruit top talent relevant to your business.
  3. Grow your followers to convert into potential customers by sharing relevant and engaging content that your audience wants to hear from you.
  4. You can increase your brand’s visibility and build a positive image for better business growth.
  5. Stay connected and engaged with your target audience.

There are many more reasons to establish your business page on LinkedIn. Now, here I will guide you step-by-step on how to create this business page:

Create a LinkedIn Business Page

Before getting started, there are a few requirements to fulfill that are as follows:

  • A personal LinkedIn profile (it must be with your real first name and last name)
  • Your profile must be seven years old
  • Its strength should be from “Intermediate” to “All-stars”
  • Must have several LinkedIn connections
  • You must have a company website and company’s email
  • Must be a current employee of the company for whom you are creating a business page

If you fulfill these requirements, here is the simple five steps guide to easily create your business page.

1. Create a Company Page

First of all, you need to log in to your profile. After login, click on the “Work” icon in the upper right corner. A small menu will appear, scroll down, and you can see the “Create a Company Profile” tab.

2. Choose the type of page

When you click on the “Create a Company Profile”, it shows you a widow with four available options. You can choose your page type based on instructions mentioned for each category, i.e. Small Business, Medium to Large Business, Showcase Page, or Educational Institution.

There are more likely your company has one of the first two options.

3. Enter Company Details

After choosing company type, fill out all the necessary information required to create a business page. That includes your company name, website, industry, company size, logo, and tagline.

One thing that is very important from an SEO point is to choose a Search Engine Optimized URL to appear in an organic search. Keep in mind the following things for URL:

  • Try to describe your Business purpose
  • Include keywords after research analysis
  • May use hyphens to separate keywords
  • Only use lowercase letters in the URL
  • Keep it as short as possible
  • Use a static URL that is good for both searchers and search engines
  • Be careful with subdomains

4. Verify Information and Continue

When you have all done with the information, please read carefully and click on the “Create page” button to move forward.

LinkedIn Business Page best Practices

Creating a page is not that difficult. However, after creation, it is important to maintain properly and follow the best practices for better engagements, and lead generation.

Take the following aspects into consideration while optimizing your business page.

1. Create an Engaging LinkedIn “About” Page

The “About” page is the first impression that converts a casual visitor into a buyer. You must need to create an engaging “About” page with a stunning tagline. Here are the three rules for a stunning “About” page:

a) Tell Your Story

Storytelling is a good way to convince your visitors to follow your page. It is hard to retain things at a first glance when someone visits your page. However, with a storytelling trick, your visitor will be able to retain more or less about your business.

b) Sell Your Products or Services

Selling does not mean directly ask visitors to buy your product or service. First, educate them; show how your product or service can solve their problem. When you build their interest, you can easily sell your products or services.

c) Provide Social Proof

Word of mouth matters a lot in business. Show social proof about your products or services to convince your visitors towards shopping. With customer testimonials, it is easy for visitors to trust your brand and purchase.

2. Provide an Employee List

It worth a lot when you provide your employee list as social proof. Talent across the globe interested in your business may find a better place to work.

3. Regularly update your page

After establishing your business page, regularly update your page for better engagements. And don’t show as your page is neglected or inactive. When you update your page, your followers feel you are adding value to your business.

Linkedin Business Page

Final Words

Now it is up to you. Get started with establishing LinkedIn Business Page to grow your business fast. I hope that with this simple step-by-step guide, you can minimize the obstacles and quickly create a professional business Page for your company.

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