Instagram Influencers In 2022 – Is This Still A Viable Option

Did you know that Instagram started in 2010? Who knew that a simple site would become a social media giant in 2021! Now, with the power of Instagram Stories and  Instagram influencers, it can be a great source of marketing for businesses.

However, it’s not the biggest social media out there. That spot belongs to Facebook. But still, it’s still the most impactful influencer marketing channel.

Out of 1 billion monthly active Instagram users, more than 500 million use the platform daily. No one can ignore this marketing powerhouse. The platform is really popular among US brands, many of whom use it to connect with their market.

If someone ignores to join it for marketing, they’ll see that site continues to grow exponentially in the future. And other brands will keep leveraging this platform using techniques like working with influencers.

Let’s talk more about Instagram influencers. How can you find them? And more importantly, why do you need them?

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Are Instagram Influencers A Viable Option In 2022

Before talking about Instagram’s powers, first, learn what engagement rates are. And more importantly, what they mean for your campaigns.

Like most people, you must be on Facebook. If you are, then you know about likes,  comments, and shares. These metrics are engagement rates, and Instagram has the highest  of these rates as compared to any social network.

According to a study conducted by SproutSocial,  Instagram influencers get an average engagement rate of 1.6 percent. Compare that to Facebook’s average engagement rate of 0.09 percent found by Rival IQ, Instagram becomes the winner by a large margin.

People Get To Learn About New Brands

If a platform boasts higher engagement rates, its users will notice more content on it than on a platform with lower engagement rates. So even though Facebook is the biggest social network, you may get more eyeballs using Instagram influencers than using Facebook marketing.

Instagram is helping people learn about new brands. This next stat is eye-opening for many people. 6 out of 10 Instagram users say they learn about new products on this social network. What does this mean? It means more good news for startups and small businesses.

A while ago, startups and small businesses didn’t have much voice. We had traditional advertising in the form of TV or magazine ads, which cost a lot in the past and still does cost a lot now. So many small businesses or new ventures never thought of reaching a nationwide audience.

But the game is totally different now. Imagine running an Instagram ad or collaborate with a social media influencer and reaching audiences that otherwise would be impossible.

Digital marketing has opened a world of opportunities for businesses of all sizes. And one of the major parts of digital marketing is influencer marketing.

I talked about how easy it is to run ads on social media. Yes, it is. But still, there are a lot of players in the market. The reality is the playing field isn’t level.

When there are brands like Microsoft, Apple, and BMW ready to bet thousands of dollars on social media ads, a new, smaller brand has fewer chances. The niche is, sometimes, so crowded that people don’t notice even your brand. Of course, it’s not all bad. But if you want to get real results, get started with influencer marketing because it helps you cut through the noise.

Many Users On Instagram Have Good Incomes

Sure, it’s good news that people are seeing your content with engagement and learning about your products. But a more lucrative fact is that a good number of Instagram users have money—and they’re willing to spend it.

A study from Snowmad found Instagram is used by:

  • 31% of people who garner more than $75k annually
  • 32% of people who earn $50k to $74k annually
  • 32% of people who make $30k to $49k per year

Not only that, but 7 out of 10 Instagram users browse products on the site, and 8 out of 10 Instagram users follow at least one brand.

If you want to raise brand awareness and make sales, all these numbers must be mouth-watering to you. Now, you might be thinking, “I know Instagram and its influencers work. But how do I find them?”

Well, that’s exactly what we are going to talk about in the next section.

How to Find Instagram Influencers For Marketing Campaigns

Smartphone showing words, “Instagram Influencer”

It’s hard to believe Instagram has around half a million active influencers. I know that’s a big number. But not all of them will make sense for your brand and bring in great ROI.

You’ll have to carefully choose who can bring results for you. Look for the ones who can help you connect with your audience. I’ll show you how.

Outline Your Instagram Influencer Campaign Goals And Metrics

First things first, decide why you are doing it. Do you want more sales? Or do you want to raise awareness for your new product?

After that, define your metrics clearly.

Define The Right Instagram Influencer For Your Brand

What’s your brand personality? Is it youthful and fun? Or is it mature and serious? It can either be luxurious or affordable? Check out this brand personality chart from Endeavor Creative to help you figure out yours.

Brand Archetypes Framework

After figuring that out, make sure that it aligns with all your digital marketing campaigns (Instagram Influencers included).

Then, find Instagram influencers using the following methods:

  • Google search
  • Instagram Influencer Platforms like HYPR, Brand Ambassador, Upfluence, Sparktoro, Heepsy, Brandbassador, AspirelQ, and GroupHigh.

Try the strategies used in this article and let me know how many results did you get from Influencer marketing!

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