Instagram Reels – How To Make An Instagram Reel For Your Company

Instagram Reels – How To Make An Instagram Reel For Your Company

Attention spans of users are diminishing each day, and short videos are perfect for grabbing that attention. With the popularity of TikTok, it seems like everyone is trying to bring short videos on their platform. And it’s obvious because it’s the new “thing.”

Instagram is no exception! They’ve been introducing new features for content creators and brands lately. One of those features is called Instagram Reel that we’ll discuss today.

So without further due, let’s get started!

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Basics Of Instagram Reels

Instagram recently announced Instagram Reels – a new way to create and discover short, entertaining videos on Instagram.  It’s a useful tool for both content creators and brands.

You can use audio, effects, and other creative tools to make 15-second videos. You get to share them with your followers on Feed, or you can share them with the Instagram community using a new feature called Explore if you have a public account. As this is a new feature, you have plenty of chances to get more visibility on the platform.

Now let’s learn how you can make an Instagram Reel for your company.

How To Make An Instagram Reel For Your Company

Whether you want to try out a new dance or spread the message on something you care about, use Instagram Reels. It will help you express yourself while entertaining others.

To start making Reels, select Reels at the bottom of the Instagram camera. On the left side of your screen, you’ll see many creative tools. Use a combination of these tools to create your Instagram Reel:

  • Audio: For your reel, you can use music from the Instagram music library. Although, we recommend using your own audio for Reels because some audio files will not be accessed due to copyright issues. If you have a private account, your audio will be attributed to you. And if your account is public, other people will also be able to record their reels using your audio. It is also a great way to contribute to the Instagram community and grow brand awareness.
  • AR effects: Effect gallery is a useful set of tools to add different effects to your videos. Instagram and contributors develop these tools. One example of these effects is using the green screen effect to superimpose your product in unexpected places that inspire your audience.
  • Timer and countdown: Click the record button to start recording your video. It also has a three-two-on countdown button that gives you enough time to be ready for the video.
  • Align: Recording a video with multiple outfits for one video is a problem? Not anymore, because the Align feature lines up objects from your previous clip before recording your next.
  • Speed: This one is obvious: Select part of the video and use the Speed feature to speed it up or down.

You can record Reels in a series of clips or all at once. The platform also allows you to create Reels by uploading videos from your gallery.

These were the more technical aspects of Reels. Now let’s look at a few growth hacks that you should use while creating Instagram reels:

Show Them Behind The Scenes

People love to see the human side of products. They want to experience the personal touch with a business. So be friendly with them. One way to do this is to give them a peek behind the scenes.

How do you make and deliver the product? Nothing is too small for them. Show them where you manufacture the product. It can even be your day to day work routine. These things make great customer connections, and don’t let them leave you.

You can show different things about your business but avoid showing something that your competitors can use against you.

Showcase Your Products

These short and snappy videos allow you to showcase your products uniquely. Don’t worry if you don’t make products. Showcase your services then. The idea is to tell them a story about your products without boring them.

One mistake people often commit when they talk about their products is focus on the features. Features are tempting to the owner, but clients are looking for benefits. They buy when they think that this product is going to solve their problem. So stick to the basics of salesmanship.

Complete Guide for Instagram Reels

Educate Potential As Well As Existing Customers

People understand that learning is a never-ending thing. Whether you run a fitness program or sell coffee to your customers, there are always new studies about your business. Educate your audience with these studies. People want to get better every day.

You can also show them your work ethic. You can apply these topics to everyone, no matter what their background is. It can teach them productivity, management, etc., and get better at life in general.

When you are educating people, they might not leave you. Even if they go to other businesses, they will have respect and trust in you. Companies must become trustworthy.

Make It Fun

Finally, don’t forget to make it fun. Each social media platform has its vibes. Twitter and Linkedin are more on the serious side, while Instagram is famous for being fun and creative. Never forget that part.

Final Words on Instagram Reels…

Businesses must keep up with the latest trends on the internet. One of these trends is making short and entertaining videos in the form of Instagram Reel.

Do you have a unique way of creating Instagram Reels? Share them with me in the comment section below!

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