Landing Pages In 2022 – What Actually Works And What You Should Stop Doing Today!

Landing pages are a significant part of digital marketing. They layout a great strategy for bloggers and corporations. As Unbounce would like to explain, “A landing page is a standalone web page created specifically for the purpose of a marketing campaign.”

Landing pages can be beneficial for you. The can be a great option for you to increase your conversion rates and lower your costs for a lead or your sales.

It provides a sort of a portal in any web page in the form of a link that lands the visitor to your pages, which is just the next step towards a visitor becoming a customer.

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Landing Pages And Home Pages

There is a key difference between homepages and landing pages. Landing pages thrive to achieve the infamous Call-to-Action strategy, which is why they are pretty focused and to the point. Homepages have tons and tons of links, and as I have mentioned above, landing pages are only focused on one.

Homepages can be a little overwhelming and distracting, whereas landing pages are determined towards a single goal. Because of having fewer links on your landing page, they prove to be the best option to increase your conversion rates.

Homepages can prove to be pretty brilliant if you want to advertise your brand/product and show off multiple options. If you want to display out details about the values of the product and the company, homepages can be just the solution you need.

But if you are looking to make sales and increase your purchase rate, homepages can be of no help, and landing pages can serve the purpose efficiently.

Landing Pages: What Actually Works And How To Improve It

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As I have mentioned above, landing pages are the main ingredient needed to increase your conversion rates and the process going. Several other contributing factors work alongside to make that goal possible. These are a few steps you should take in order to achieve the desired results.

Display an offer:

The visitor clicks on your page in order to find an offer, so try and be specific with your offer.

Now is not the time to shower them with a detailed history of your company; it will only bore them into leaving the page. The link is a promise leading to the offer, and if you didn’t fulfill your promise, you can lose the chance of earning a new customer and increasing your purchase.

Create a landing page for the promised offer!

Make sure that your goal is clear and your page covers every detail required. Keep it short, attractive, and focused on the offer. while still covering everything and completing the registration process.

Make sure your landing page covers all the critical and necessary components like having a form to capture all the required relevant information like email address and having an image to further elaborate how the offer looks. Most importantly do not forget to create a thank you page. It’s not only polite but also provides reassurance to your future customer which helps in building trust.

The thankyou page

Lyft Landing Page

The thank-you page is a necessary step if you want to achieve a successful landing page experience.

As you might have witnessed before, the thank you page is a separate page, it appears after you have clicked on the link, completed the registration, or clicked on the download button. It can play a vital role in turning your visitors into your future customers.

Landing Page: Most Common Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

There are several common mistakes any marketer can make while establishing a landing page which hinders behind being the reason for little to no conversions. Your goal as a marketer should be to avoid as many mistakes as possible so your page runs smoothly and rather efficiently

Long forms are a mistake

The information you put out on the page is pretty crucial for you to attract attention from the crowd. The information you put out purely depends on the offer you are putting out. Let’s say, if your landing page is in the Awareness stage, you need to give as little information about yourself as possible.

You see the buyer is trying to understand the problem, in this case, the buyer will have questions and you need to address them. You need to answer your audience while keeping the offer attractive and warm up your traffic to start following your page. But that’s just an example. Either way, no matter what your page is trying to offer, keep it short and compelling so that you don’t bore your audience away.

Generic CTAs are boring!

You know there are millions of generic CTAs available for you to use, that serve the purpose just fine. It’s the cherry on top that doesn’t seem to matter but actually does. Therefore, you should put extra effort when it comes to designing your own compelling CTA. As I have advised above to keep your page exciting and short.

Even the smallest change and tiniest effort can be a gamechanger for your page. Using specific language will show your interest and will further help in building a relationship with your lead.

Less Is More!

While designing your page keep in mind that your page should circle around conversion rates, and design accordingly.

When a visitor clicks on your page he/she will not read the page entirely. It means you will only have a few seconds to grab their attention. Henceforth, you want to avoid distraction and refrain from over-designing.

Your efforts buy their interest

Your priority is to buy their interest and to do that your page needs to be persuasive. To make your page persuasive you need to convince the visitor that your offer or your service is what they need and will make their life easier.

To achieve all that you need to use strong language and a compelling tone. An extreme explanation will make you sound unsure and confused, which is the exact thing you should be avoiding. Make sure every sentence and statement you use sounds confident and genuine.

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