Link Building – Why Is It Necessary for SEO?

Link building plays a very crucial role in maintaining your SEO game. If you have not been using link-building strategies yet, you are missing out on a lot of business potential.

Link building will help your SEO market to reach new heights of success. The right strategy will enable you to achieve high SEO quality campaigns that will further make your business shine.

Let’s discuss links in detail.

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What Is Link Building

Link building is a strategy that helps your webpage to get linked to other webpages by acquiring hyperlinks from various websites and add them to your site. It helps users navigate other pages on the internet.

A link to your site sends Google a signal that your website is a quality resource and a worthy website on the subject. Your worth is determined by your citation rate. It’s been proven countless times that sites with a higher range of backlinks have higher granted ranks from Google and are referred to be the “link juice.”

There is a wide range to build links but if you only master one, you can be far ahead in the competition than anyone else. A recent study has shown that link-building interest has grown 43% in the United States ever since 2005.

How Are Links Created

There is a variety of ways where you can get external websites to link to your site. One method is a four-step process where each step works hand in hand to complete the puzzle. Each part has a specific function within the link:

The beginning: The name speaks for itself. It’s the first part and is often referred to as the anchor. It opens the link tags for you and indicates to the search engine that there is a link that leads to something following it. This part of the link is briefly called an “a.”

Link referral location: The referral link’s job is to indicate the direction of the URL. It can be anything a webpage, image, or a downloadable file. This part is referred to as an “herf.” And if its part begins with an “a#” it indicates that the link leads to a different section on the webpage.

Visible text of link: This section possesses a small segment of text that will help the user understand that where the link should be. This text usually appeared in blue so that the user can understand where the link can be clicked on.

Closure: This part simply just tells the search engine when the link is complete and your link-building process is complete.

How Is Link Building Going to Help Your Business

Link building works wonders for your SEO ranking, but it also helps to boost your business like never before. These are some advantages that you will experience:

Builds relationships:

When you build your link, one of link building’s main requirements is to reach out to other businesses. Link building strategies as discussed before revolves around reaching out to relevant websites and blogs.

But of course, the priority of reaching out is to gain links. Forming these kinds of formal business relationships can help build your brand and authority. Whether they are the link owner or an influencer, you will be connected and become trustworthy in your field of expertise.

Referral traffic:

If you have a strong linking strategy, your ranking and traffic will skyrocket. If your site is liked to an appropriate and often-visited site, it can improve your sales too. These sales can turn into repeated clients too. But the goal is to provide value through link building. People can smell sleazy salesmen from a mile away.

Brand Building:

When linking is done correctly, it not only improves your SEO ranking but it also helps you to build a brand and authority for yourself and your industry. Every business owner dreams to be at the top of their game and be the front cover of their industry. And link building can help you through with it. Techniques like content creating and guest posting can also help you achieve your goals.

Link Building

Why Is Link Building Important for SEO

Link building plays a very important part in maintaining and improving your ranking. Proper link building will help your brand establish itself at the pace it should be.

As we all know, Google algorithms are highly complex and always evolving. But linking remains to be the only suitable option and an important factor to determine the appropriate rank for whatever keyword.

Link building can be a rather crucial tactic used in SEO as links are kind of like the bat signal to Google which instantly indicates your website’s worth.

To say the least, when you are using link-building tactics, your main focus should be on earning links by providing value.

You have good content available on your site, and you want to share it not only just link-building for search engines but for helping people as well.

One more thing: You should be aware that not all links are equal. For example, links from a highly reputed and authoritative site will have a greater impact on your site than a link from a small or newly-established site. So your main focus should be to be linked with websites with higher authority.


Link building is an important part of SEO ranking. While it is considered to be one of the most difficult and time-consuming tactics, it can help you build your SEO ranks. It can also help you become an authority in your industry.

What’s your approach to building links? Let me know in the comments below.

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