LinkedIn Marketing – Top 10 Tips to Reach More People

Did you know the LinkedIn platform crossed over 660 million active users across the globe? All these users have a professional skill set in their area of expertise. That means it is one of the biggest social platforms for top professional networks.

Now the question is: Are you using the LinkedIn platform to improve your brand awareness, build networks, generate leads, share content, and drive more organic traffic to your website? If not, that is not too late to establish your brand on the LinkedIn platform using a digital marketing strategy.

I am here to help you with all the hidden tips and tricks of the LinkedIn platform to boost your brand awareness. Please read this article to know tactics you can start implementing with immediate effect to share marketing content, drive traffic to your site, and grow your business.

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

Due to expanding professional networks, LinkedIn is an integral part of successful digital marketing strategy platforms. You can have access to many useful features like connecting professionals, building-brand, and deep analytics.

For example, if your business is related to digital learning or e-learning, you can easily reach a potential audience to sell your courses. Or you might provide professional HR services if your business is a recruitment agency.

Using the tips mentioned below, you can easily reach a potential customer and build professional brand relationships across the globe.

Let us discuss the top 10 tips to easily reach more people.


Top 10 Tips to reach more People

1. Create a Stunning Business Profile

To do business where people are ready to buy your products or services is a dream of every brand. LinkedIn provides you with a professional platform to do your business. To get started, you need to create your business profile on it. LinkedIn for Business provides you with the best marketing solutions to grow your business.

You can easily create your business on LinkedIn using this step-by-step guide. (Paste internal Link here)

2. Optimize your Profile for Search Engines

After creating a stunning business profile, optimize it for search engines to get more organic traffic. Here, you need to remember the following tips

  • Make sure your profile is 100% complete
  • Do keywords research to find keywords that are the most relevant to your business
  • Customize your business profile URL
  • Add eye-catching and thumb-stopping LinkedIn background photo

A proper search engine optimized profile will have more organic traffic than any other profile.

3. Grow your followers

The more followers you have on your business page, the more you can generate leads. Build a potential audience to grow your business fast. You can get more and more followers if you post content relevant to your business and audience’s interest.

Keep in mind the following things to get robust followers.

  • Use a “Follow” button in your blog or website
  • Invite your connections to follow your business page
  • Promote your business page via newsletters, emails, and subscriptions

4. Use of rich Content

Just don’t rely on text-only content. You can use audio, video, animated GIFs, or polls for better engagement. The richer your content, the stronger are the chances for conversions.  You can follow these tips to create rich content

  • Use a Collage photo instead of a single image (not more than 3 to 4 images)
  • A short video of 1-2 minutes to capture attention in the first few seconds
  • Use Live videos to get 24 times more comments than regular videos
  • Share documents like PowerPoint or PDF to build a unique brand image
  • Endorsements and Kudos for more audience reach

5. Use the Hashtag Feature

Every time you post, use proper hashtags related to your niche to appear in organic searches. The hashtag feature is good, and the audience takes it as a trend to follow hashtags. There are more likely to show your post to a potential audience.

Keep in mind, use hashtags at the end of the post so that it may look clear. Use a phrasal keyword to get more organic traffic.

6. Create LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

Sponsor your content to run self-service ad campaigns. LinkedIn provides you with a variety of Ad options like Message Ads, Dynamic Ads, or Text Ads.

You can select your budget in Campaign Manager to set goals (Clicks vs. Impressions). See how you can advertise on LinkedIn.

7. Join Industry Groups

Industry Groups are one of the best ways to showcase your content in front of the same type of audience. Use that feature to reach industry professionals to build better brand relationships.

8. Highlight your best content

To appear directly in the audience’s feed, use the “Direct Sponsor Content” feature to achieve your marketing goals. You can track lead generation using “Conversion Tracker” for every post. So, keep attracting your audience by highlighting your best content.

9. Leverage @mentions in your status updates

One of the easiest ways to reach more professionals on LinkedIn is to use the @mentions feature in your status. Do not over mention your connections in the post. Only mention relevant connections for a better brand image.

10. Go Ahead with Analytics

You need to see which posts are most compelling to your audience. LinkedIn provides you with the advanced analytics feature to analyze each post in-depth. Drill down each post to see audiences’ preferences.

That feature is available for all Ad campaigns.

Summing Up

Are you ready to get started with LinkedIn Marketing for your fast business growth?

Getting started is not that difficult. Follow these best practices discussed in the article for better results. Hopefully, you will be amazed to see the positive results. Take your time to set up your brand on LinkedIn to reach a more professional audience professionally.

I would like to hear from you. Please share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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