LinkedIn Messaging In 2022 – A Guide To Not Coming Across As A Spammy Mess

Contacting someone you don’t know with your offer seems like a bad idea at first. But it can bring you results. However, most people don’t know how to do it. That’s why they get ignored when they use LinkedIn Messaging. And they start to wonder, “Why is it so hard to convert my prospect to a paid client?”

If approached correctly, it won’t happen again. I’ll show you how to approach LinkedIn messaging the right way and close deals like gangbusters.

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Linkedin Message #1: The Connect

Hi Naomi! I find it fascinating how you struggled with finding an affordable way to minimise Bobby’s contact with chemicals and toxins and, finally, came up with bobo&boo. A truly inspiring story of a mama bear!

This is a message sent to a children dinnerware’s founder. You see how it stands out by recaping the whole origin story of the brand. The reader will know that the person who is reaching out has done his/her research. A message like that will get you high open rates.

Notice one thing: The writer hasn’t tried to sell anything in the first message. Even if he/she do, they probably won’t get a sale. So you want to connect first. You want to let them know that you represent a trustworthy brand.

Here are a few more examples:

Hi Lani! I’m stunned after reading your interview with VoyageLA, especially the part where you talk about helping people being proactive about body mindfulness, instead of waiting for a recovery ‘ah-ha’ moment. It’s good to know that people like you are teaching the world that self-care is not an indulgence, it is essential!

Hi Felicity! I find it impressive how you took the risk of leaving the relative safety of ‘Luxury and Legacy Land’ and joined innovative US businesses to shape their marketing strategies. There’s no wonder why you are the CMO of Mobot Nation!

Hi Joe! It’s beautiful how you named your company after your dog. I’m sure he’s looking down on you smiling, knowing he has helped improve the lives of fellow dogs!

Linkedin Message #2: The Relationship Builder

Hey Matt, I have a question for you…

Do you think SEO works these days? Or is it just overrated?



P.S. Just trying to find out where other people in our digital marketing group are at on this right now.

This message is on spot. Both, the sender and the receiver, know the topic of SEO. So this approach can increase response rates.

The message gets them to talk about their self-interest. In this noisy world, how often doe people ask each other about their opinion on a subject matter? Even if the matter is based on facts, people like to give their opinion. This message instigates that.

And when it’s a topic that’s interesting to people, they love to talk about it. In this case, the reader will know that SEO works. But they will try to give their opinion.

Don’t stop after the first question. Keep them engaged using a series of open-ended and probing questions. That will help you take them down the road.

Here are a few questions you can ask:

  • “What’s the hardest part about getting a website up?”
  • “What services do you use for keyword research?”
  • “There are plenty of SEO tools out there. Do they offer value to you?”
  • “Have you ever worked with an SEO agency? How was your experience working with them? If it was not that great, what would make it valuable for you?”

You never know if their answers might help you improve your services.

Linkedin Message #3: The Pitch

Boy holding loudspeaker

I’m reaching out to you as I’ve just launched a new service to build business owners a better website (nice!). If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your website for a while, check out what we do.

Website and Facebook links

  • Already have a website? Send me a link and I’ll let you know what I think about
  • Don’t have a webs. yet? Let’s bounce around some ideas to help you get started.

Always happy to help my friends out with (free) advice, and hope you’re having an awesome day.


Travis Bennett

This guy converted three contacts to paying clients after sending just 42 messages. You can do the same using a pitch that matches your prospect’s state of mind.

This message also showcases that he sent it only to people who already knew him — these ideal client profiles have more chances of bringing results.

Linkedin Message #4: The Follow-Up

LinkedIn Messaging In 2022 – A Guide To Not Coming Across As A Spammy Mess

Have prospects whom you did not hear from the first time? Send them follow-up GIFs. Some of them will respond.

I know it’s cheeky, but it can work.

Linkedin Message #5: The Recommendation

Hi there,

It was great working with you. We met our goals with high precision and as partners, we took your business to the next level.

I was wondering if you could write a testimonial on LinkedIn regarding our time working together. I can do the same for you if you’d like.

Thank you!

Ended a contract recently? Doesn’t mean you have to end the chat right there. Ask your client to write a testimonial for you. It can become a valuable asset!

What’s your secret sauce to nailing LinkedIn messaging? Let me know in the comments below!

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