LinkedIn Outreach – Do It the Right Way Using These 7 Strategies

The communication method of LinkedIn is one-to-one, where direct messages are outreached to customers. Often outreach methods revolve around these kinds of communications.

After searching multiple markets, one can easily come to know that LinkedIn is one of the significant tools to reach more customers. When it comes to qualifying and closing deals, LinkedIn is always on top. What makes LinkedIn separate from others is it builds a professional relationship with customers.

According to data analyzed from 2016, 59 percent of B2B marketers say LinkedIn produces leads for their business. Besides, 65 percent of B2B companies state that they have obtained a customer through LinkedIn. Next comes in mind, how LinkedIn outreaches to catch customers, these are the strategies to do it properly.

Doing LinkedIn Outreach Like a Pro

Find Common Grounds

The main advantage of LinkedIn as an outreach channel is the amount of proper information that one can find about a person’s job role, educational background, work history, and interests.

When you see a potential customer on LinkedIn and you want to make contact with them, the first and foremost thing you want to do is scan them through their profile to know some common ground between you and them.

If that person is available and is active on LinkedIn Outreach, try to read what they are sharing and interested in. Along with this, take notes of their current position and since how much time they have been with their company.

In addition, note their past professional experiences, and from which LinkedIn groups they belong to. After doing all this, make some effort to know some commonalities between yourself and the lead. You may find similarities between you and the potential lead. There may the same area or the same university.

Whatever you noted in common between yourself and the potential lead, try to keep that in mind when making your first message to them. This will help you to target appropriately. You need to ensure that you are not going to copy and paste this message for every lead.

The Message Must Be Short

LinkedIn messages are instant messages; these are not emails. This means that paragraphs of text will not be sent. Instead, few short sentences can do this job.

The length of the message has an important impact on a potential lead. Your must compel the recipient to respond. So, keep your message concise and to the point so that your recipient reads it. While sending messages think about what was common and what things you both like.

Warming up of LinkedIn Account

With a new account, you cannot target masses immediately. It will not work. Open a new account and set LinkedIn social selling tool and start targetting potential leads.

At the initial stage, you connect to only 1-2 people per day. After that, with the help of automation, you can cross those numbers to 50 plus people per day. This will be a big trigger for LinkedIn, and most probably, they will detect and flag your account easily.

So, to ensure that your account is safe and sound before you get to skyrocketing your social selling and outreach, we’re going to first set some daily limits within your actions.

At the start, you need to contact few people. Later, after warming up your account, you may increase this number. To limit the number of connection requests, you ought to ensure that your profile must be top-notch.

Because your LinkedIn profile reflects you, you need to show your best side. Make sure that you have a proper profile photo. Avoid party pictures and blank pictures, a good-looking professional photo will set you on the right track.

Delete Old and Pending Requests

To lead potential leads in a better way, you need to delete old and pending requests. Just as you do housekeeping practices to keep it up to date. In the same way, when it comes to automation you need to keep good housekeeping practices.

It is better to delete the old requests that you sent in the past. This will help you stay on a good track.

If you are sending out several connection requests every day, and none of them are getting proved, LinkedIn will have the right to know that your account is up to no good.

Use Cloud-Based LinkedIn Tool

All LinkedIn automation solutions are not equal. There are many software programs, browser plug-ins, chrome, and other tools out there.

But the problem with them is that all of them are not safe. If you are using a tool that is chrome-based, that exists in your browser, and changes your LinkedIn behavior from your browser, LinkedIn will try likely to detect it. All tools that can steal information of users and affect user data, which goes against their User Agreement.

So, if you want to remain safe and undetected, it is better to use a cloud-based solution.

Increase Your Response Rate

Increasing response rate is also the right strategy to outreach potential leads. This can be done by using the right templates. In your connection request and your follow-up messages, you will have to reply. Do not use old boring templates; try new ones.

Safe Selling for Later

In your first message, do not ask for the sale. Asking for a sale in the first meeting is a deadly sin.

This is because If you need to ask a stranger to buy your product, it transfers the message that you aren’t successfully drawing in customers.

It also indicates that and your product is not worthy. So, in the first meeting, introduce yourself to potential buyers. keep reminding that your goal is not to push your service or product; it is to build a connection and initiate a conversation.

Do you have any questions regarding LinkedIn outreach? Do let me know in the comments below.

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