How to Create a Mobile-First Landing Page In 2021

How to Create a Mobile-First Landing Page In 20215 Bad Marketing Practices That Can Hurt Your Business In The Long Run

A few years back, you’d be good to go if you had some nice features on your website. Now, having mobile-friendly landing pages is essential. It is also a recommendation from Google, ignoring which can lose a great business for you.

So no matter what your marketing goal is, a great landing page built with mobile in mind is critical. Are there ways to ensure that your mobile landing page is built for the best ROI? Yes, that is exactly what I’m going to discuss in this blog post.

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Transition from Desktop-Only To Mobile-First Landing Pages

First, let’s talk about why desktop-only don’t work anymore. As you know, I stress the importance of mobile on my blog a lot. That’s because mobile is the #1-way people access the internet.

This happened gradually during the last decade. Some marketers predicted in 2010, but by November 2016, we witnessed it when 51.3 % of all internet browsing happened from smartphones and tablets.

Not only that, but 48% of people start researching a topic on mobile devices. So if someone says that mobile is not here to stay is uninformed.

That leads us to mobile’s importance in marketing, specifically, landing pages.

Do people look for different things on mobile than on desktop? Can you use some tricks to maximize clicks on mobile? Let’s find out.​

6 Elements of a mobile landing page

Making every web page on your website responsive is necessary. But you have to do more than that.

Google thinks of mobile as a priority. That’s because 71% of mobile users leave a desktop site that doesn’t look good on a small screen.

Plus, the user interface is entirely different.

Typing on mobile can be hard.

Less space is available.

So we should keep the following things in mind when creating landing pages for mobile devices:​

The simpler, the better

People leave a website if they face difficulty in finding what they are looking for. This correlates with simplicity. The simpler the website is, the more likely they are going to stay on it.

Take the example of a sign-up form. No one wants to scroll 5 pages of content before reaching a sign-up form. So simplicity is the key.

You can get inspired by Squarespace. The desktop version is minimalistic, but the mobile version removes elements at the top. ​

Content should be short

Generally, keeping the copy short will work. You’ll see that 2000+ words blog posts tend to perform better for SEO. Some people will advise you to do the same for landing pages. Some will say that an average number of words is good. At the end of the day, it will depend on your audience.

mobile first landing page

Short and sweet headlines

Your headlines should be short but impactful. Avoid clickbait because it can cause you damage. Focus on being clear and concise.

It should tell the reader what the page is about immediately.

One call-to-action is enough

When you make a mobile landing page around one value proposition, there’s no point in using multiple CTAs. Multiple CTA will confuse your audience.

Make sure the CTA big and obvious. Even if you have a large image near it, it should draw attention to itself.

Sign-up forms should be minimalistic

Some landing pages want people to sign up. On mobile, the sign-up form should have minimum entries. No one wants to type 9 different entries with their thumbs.

Ask yourself: what is the necessary information I want? It would be named, email address, etc. Filter out anything unnecessary.

Follow These Steps to Create a Mobile-First Landing Page

Up there, you learned the 6 key elements of a mobile landing page. Now let’s put them into action using these steps:

Know your goal

Like other things in marketing, you need to figure out your goal before getting started.

Keep in mind that landing pages are made for special purposes. Each one has conversion as an end goal, but conversion can mean different things, such as:

  • Signing up for your newsletter
  • Downloading an e-book
  • Free trial of your app

Figure out your goal and move forward.

Use tools for making life easier

If you don’t know how to code, use different tools out there. Clickfunnels is a famous option that you can try. It offers several other features besides landing page creation. It helps you create an entire sales funnel, not just one page. I highly recommend this tool.

Create a simple and user-friendly design

I emphasized the importance of simplicity. I’m repeating it now. When someone lands on your page, they should know why they are here. Otherwise, they’ll bounce off in no time.

Get inspired by this design from Wistia. It’s so clean and simple.

Make the right copy

Now it’s time to write a strong but simple copy. Here are a few examples to get you inspired:

A/B test

The power of A/B testing is great. Create different copies and designs for your landing page and test each one. Some parts will outperform others. Use tools such as Unbounce when testing your landing pages.

Final Words

Mobile users are growing in number each year. That tells us to focus on creating mobile-first landing pages. You can use today’s article to do so.

Do you have a trick when it comes to creating landing pages? Do let me know in the comments below.

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