Mobile Website – How to Build one for 2021

Mobile Website – How to Build one for 2021

If you are a business looking to take advantage of the digital advancements of this age, then you will probably be looking for ways to improve your website and make it more efficient. While some businesses still operate on the Brick and Mortar model, even they cannot deny the fact that having an optimized website is important for any business to remain competitive nowadays.

Another important aspect to consider is the takeover of smartphones as the primary medium through which users access the internet. While most people used to shop on their laptops or PCs, the advancement in smartphone technology means that most users are now visiting websites from their smartphones. The recent statistics show that more than 60% of all searches were done using a smartphone.

Unfortunately, many businesses have not yet optimized their websites for smartphones, which is causing them to get left behind. Search engines have become smarter, and they will rank the website with the best UX design much higher in the searches. If you are looking to stay relevant in this current age, then you will have to optimize your website to a mobile-friendly design and build a mobile website that uses the latest tools in webs design to facilitate the customer. Having a mobile-friendly website will help you gain higher rankings in search engines as well.

So what determines whether a website is mobile-friendly or not? How can you design a mobile website for the future? Here are some steps to properly build a mobile website in 2021:

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Use the right design for your Mobile Website

With the basic tools of building a website changing every year, it is always better to choose a base that allows maximum responsiveness with every device. The more flexible your website is, the easier it is to make changes when new web design features come out. For now, you should choose a website that is built using a responsive design. When you design a mobile website, a responsive design will ensure that your site’s features adjust to fit any device.

Responsive design is essential for a mobile website as it ensures that everything is up to scale. You won’t have to worry about having separate web pages for each device type, and it has a more efficient and flexible design. While there are many themes available to easily make a mobile website, it is always better to have a design that works across all mediums. A good web designer will use the latest software and design tools to ensure that your mobile website is compatible with PC, tablet, and other devices as well.

Optimize the mobile websites images

One of the most important things to consider when you build a website is the images. Did you know that large images can slow down your website significantly and this is only amplified on a mobile device? Try and compress any images that you incorporate in your site and ensure that it does not affect the loading speed.

When you implement a proper responsive CSS design on your mobile website, then the image resizing is done automatically. However, it may require advanced coding and is better done through a competent website developer. You do not even have to compromise on the quality of the images to make it load faster. Nowadays, image compression tools allow you to resize the image to the correct dimensions without affecting the overall quality.

Insert links correctly on your Mobile Website

If you are implementing a mobile-friendly design for your website, then you should consider the careful placement of links, contact information, and other information that leads to external sites. While you can easily insert the URL of your Facebook page on a normal website, it will simply lead to unnecessary clutter. One of the latest trends is to use icons as links.

For example, simply adding the link using the Facebook icon will tell the visitor that it links to Facebook. Not only does this help remove clutter on your website, but it is also easier to understand and makes the site more presentable. You can do the same thing with email addresses, phone numbers, and other social media links.

Place the navigation bar correctly

Place the navigation bar correctly

Another important thing to do when you build any type of website is to add a navigation bar. Most websites would have their links on a horizontal navigation bar on top of the page. This makes it easy for the visitor to find different pages. However, think of how this would look on a mobile device. It’s not pretty and often leads to unnecessary clutter.

Try and hide the navigation bar under a symbol, so that the user can access it at will. When placing a navigation symbol, you should use common ones such as a hamburger symbol or downward arrow. You can even use the words “menu” as a navigation symbol. This has worked so well for mobile websites that many websites are using it for their PC versions as well.

Optimize UX design for better Search Engine rankings

One of the main incentives for optimizing your mobile website is that you will achieve better search engine rankings. According to Googles Guidelines, the page experience of a website determines how high your website ranks in the searches.


Ways to improve page experience

  • Removing unnecessary graphics
  • Improving vertical scrolling and finger compatibility
  • Avoiding long forms on your mobile website
  • Improving website loading time
  • Use proper segmentation in your website

Test your mobile website thoroughly

With so many different mobile types and many variations of tablets, you should make sure that your website is tested on different devices. Remember, testing is important when you build a mobile website. Make sure you test it on a few devices of different sizes to see whether the responsive design features adjust properly or not.

If you have decided to create a mobile-friendly website for your business, then go ahead. With the recent changes in SEO rankings, mobile-friendly websites have a higher chance of ranking on the first page of the search engine. If you would like to share your experience with mobile websites or have a query that needs to be addressed, then comment below. I would love to hear from you!

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