Top 5 Ways to Monetize Your Email Newsletter

Top 5 Ways to Monetize Your Email Newsletter

If you’ve been following my blog, you’d know that I discuss email marketing a lot. There are many reasons for that; one of those reasons is the fact that this channel can bring you a staggering ROI.

I’ve talked about the basics of email marketing. I have dived deeper into how to create lead magnets that turn visitors into subscribers.

So I’m going to suppose that you have grown your email list by now. You are sending your subscribers amazing content through your email newsletter.

But the problem is that you are not willing to give away content for free. I agree with that; you put so much time and effort into creating content, and if you’re not benefiting from it monetarily, you might get demotivated.

So I’ve dedicated this blog post to talking about how you can make money from your newsletter. I’ll discuss the top 5 ways to monetize your email newsletter.

Let’s get started.

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Monetize Your Email Newsletter

Email is an amazing way to market your products or services. With other types of marketing, people come to you. In an email, you’re right in front of them whenever they open their inboxes.

The power of this channel is often underrated. However, you can make it a direct source of income for yourself.

Publishers who want to make money from it don’t always succeed. That’s because there’s a right way and a wrong way to do that.

The problem is that if you monetize your newsletter, there’s a chance of scaring away readers. You have gathered them through hard work. Now it will be devastating if you lose them.

So I’m going to focus on providing value. I’ll discuss the 5 right ways that will increase the likelihood of your success.​

Place Ads

First, we have the old-school advertising. Facebook, Google, and many big brands earn a major portion of their revenue from advertising.

This concept has gained popularity with the increase of offering free content. Take the example of Google.

People use this search engine to find answers every day. To most people, the idea of a subscription-based search engine would seem counter-intuitive. In addition, people will turn to other free search engines if Google decides to put a subscription to their search engine.

But they won’t do it. They keep offering free services like Google Search, Gmail, etc.

Instead, they put ads everywhere. By letting other businesses advertise on their platforms, they make a major portion of their total revenue.

You can sell your ad space to other brands as well. But keep in mind that ads can be annoying. So make sure to send ads that resonate with your readers.

You can display ads in two ways. One way is to reach out to other websites and ask them to place their ads in your newsletter. The second way is to use a dedicated solution that can help with the entire process. Be sure to choose a reliable service.

You can also show relevant promotions or discounts using personalized ads. This will make monetization a win-win for both you and your readers.

Premium Newsletter Content

Next up, we have premium newsletter content. Do you think that your content is highly valuable? Do you dig deep inside Google pages to research your topics? and Do you pay top dollars to content creators if you don’t create content yourself?

Then think about turning your free newsletter into a time-based (monthly, yearly, one-time) fee model. It’s like a membership club where people pay to get access. This model is not for everyone. So make sure that your content would entice people to shell out money for it.

To get motivated, consider the example of The New York Times. In 2017 alone, they made a revenue of more than $1 billion. Create a quality like this publication, and you’ll be on the path to making good money.​

Affiliate Links

Here’s another option if you are still working on taking your content to the next level: Put affiliate links in your email.

The idea is simple. You review a few products or services and put their links in your email. If people buy using those links, you earn a commission.

The trick is to create links that offer value. You can take inspiration from BuzzFeed. They drive tons of sales on Amazon and other retailers using affiliate marketing.​

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Let Your Readers Sponsor You

Content consumers respect the fact that content creators put so much time and effort into their craft and give it away for free. So they’ll happily donate some money as a way of appreciation. With services like Patreon and Ko-Fi, you can monetize your newsletter easily.

Your audience will donate to you on a time basis, so you can focus on what you do best.

Sell Your Own Product or Service

Sometimes, focusing on your own product or service will be the best method. If you are giving away free content while talking a little bit about your business at the same time, you’ll become a trustworthy brand and earn good money. This way, you won’t have to reach out to other brands in the form of ads, affiliate links, or sell your content using a subscription model.

Final Words about Monetizing Your Email Newsletter

You have read my top 5 ways to monetize your email newsletter. I’ll list them out for you.

  1. Sell your ad space/place ads
  2. Premium newsletter content
  3. Monetize email newsletters with affiliate links
  4. Let your readers sponsor you
  5. Sell your own product/service

Which one do you think can make the most money? And which one is the most feasible? Let me know in the comments below.

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