Many successful entrepreneurs listen to digital marketing podcasts. As the business world moves at break-neck speeds, you need tips, tricks, and strategies that will help you stay up-to-date on the latest trends. Podcasts will help you do that.

Good marketers are innovators. Take the example of Steve Jobs. When he came up with the Think Different campaign, it was fascinating. He not only inspired his audience but the campaign was also geared towards his team. His own engineers and other team members got inspired by that and created products we still love to this date.

Sure, there was not that much cut-throat competition at that time. But to come up with a campaign like that was hard. That required a lot of knowledge and creativity. Something that a digital marketing podcast will help you with. You’ll learn new tools and tactics that are fueling the industry’s evolution.

But it’s not as easy as it sounds. Like there’s a competition in the digital marketing world, podcasts also are reaching a high level of competition. So how do you ensure that you know the ones that offer real value? I’m here to help you with that.

I’ll show you a handful of podcasts that offer great insights for the marketer on the move. You can just download them and listen to them on your terms, from the subway platform or the airport security line, to rush hour traffic or a leisurely walk with your four-legged friend. Many of us listen to music while traveling. Why not utilize this time to learn something and stay ahead of the curve?

Let’s dive into the top digital marketing podcasts now!

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The Digital Assassin Podcast

The Digital Assassin Podcast on

It’s Blue Waves Digital’s official podcast. As a top digital marketing company in Pittsburg, we share topics related to Digital Marketing and Entrepreneurship. You can tune in each week to know more about being a digital entrepreneur in the new age of online marketing.

You’ll listen to the latest trends and topics. You’ll also get answers to any questions that you may have about this exciting journey as a Digital Entrepreneur. Not only that, but you’ll listen to  interviews from top names in the field of digital marketing.

As a cutting-edge digital marketing agency, we’ve brought results in different marketing fields, such as SEO, Facebook ads, Google Ads, etc. We’ll share this knowledge with you as well. So visit this link and subscribe to our podcast now!

This Old Marketing

This podcast is hosted on iTunes and by Joe Pulizzi & Robert Rose. There are many reasons why you should subscribe to it.

Let’s start off with its fun style. The hosts have a  fantastic on-air dynamic. Their style is so unique that it makes you feel like you’re talking shop with friends each week. Rose initiates the podcast with a fun and creative intro featuring current marketing trends and cultural moments. During the whole thing, you stay engaged. And at the end, “this old marketing” segment resurfaces a best-in-class example out from the archives.

Are you in the native advertising business? Then you’ll get an impressive number of segments to listen to. From an interview to a conference stage to an informed conversation around the water cooler, it will fuel you in each episode.

Know Your Audience

The host is Jenna Matecki who discusses marketing with the top experts in content distribution, audience engagement, social measurement, ad tech, and more. The main focus is to share the best strategies for understanding, reaching and engaging with your target audience.

Why so much emphasis on the audience? Here’s what advertising genius Claude Hopkins said about it:

The advertising man studies the consumer. He tries to place himself in the position of the buyer. His success largely depends on doing that to the exclusion of everything else.

Others send out questionnaires to learn the attitude of the buyers. In some way all must learn how to strike responsive chords. Guesswork is very expensive.

So do you get why you should study the consumers? See, your product is important as well (Not always. Just look at Nike. Their marketing has changed our minds, not the product itself). But if you study who your consumers are and how they are led to buy, you’ll uncover many mysteries. And of course, get more sales, which is the goal of marketing.

Entrepreneur On Fire

Host John Lee Dumas is one of the most energetic and motivational hosts you would ever find. He calls himself JLD and features guests that include  top performers from across the worlds of marketing, business and entrepreneurship.

This podcast is about sharing top tips and their biggest mistakes so you can learn from the best. You’ll also learn about a digital marketing tool at the end of each episode. So yes, you’re bound to get some great takeaways each time you press play.

Ask Gary Vee Show

Ask Gary Vee Show

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the best motivational speakers and digital marketers out there. He has inspired many people to pursue their dreams. And better yet, his “Hustle” mantra has pushed many people to push their limits.

Packed with insights, this Q&A-style podcast will take you elsewhere. Business, social media, marketing, and entrepreneurship are a few things that he covers in his podcasts.

What’s your favorite digital marketing podcast? Let me know in the comments below!

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