Are Paid Ads Worth It? My Experience Using Them

Are Paid Ads Worth It? My Experience Using Them

In 2019, search ad spending was around $124 billion. And it is expected to grow at a staggering rate each year. So, saying that paid ads can’t make you money is a lie.

Looking at the stats might invite you to shift from organic to paid. However, there are some things you should consider before spending your time and effort into this marketing channel.

Today, I’m going to show you the pros and cons of paid ads. I’ll also share my experience with this marketing channel and tell you if it’s worth it or not.

Let’s start by discussing the pros of using paid ads.

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Pros of Using Paid Ads


You Can Target the Exact Audience

Paid ads allow you to go in front of the exact audience you want to target. Depending upon goals, you have the option to select when and how people see your ads. With some expert knowledge and care, you can convert those people into regular customers.

Let’s say you are a Facebook user. Facebook’s algorithm detects how you interact with your content. If it detects that you are interacting with a particular piece of content more, get ready to see ads related to that content.

Another example of this advantage is remarketing to a specific group. It merely means targeting those customers who have once shown interest in your products but didn’t end up buying.

In other words, you get the privilege to choose your audience with ads.

You Can Get Instant Results with Paid Ads

Paid ads allow you to reach your marketing goals instantly. They are the first results people see when they search for something on Google. They allow you to get a short-term revenue boost.

It’s my personal experience that they are the most beneficial at the beginning of your online journey. However, as they are short-term, you need organic methods like SEO, content marketing, etc. with them as you grow.

One can think of paid ads like billboards. It’s hard to get one with the most exposure. But if you can afford one, it will certainly get your business in front of many eyes.

Tracking Your Results is Simple with Paid Ads

With paid search advertising, you pay for each click on your ad. This model allows for great data analytics.

With these analytics, you get insights into customer’s demographics, devices, etc. After getting this data, you can use it to improve your campaigns.

These were a few things that make paid ads a good contender for digital marketing. However, as they say, there are two sides to every picture. This model has its other side as well. Let’s explore that side.

Cons of Using Paid Ads

Cons of Using Paid Ads


Money Brings More Money

It can’t be more accurate than that for paid ads. These are the ABCs of this channel. If you cut your spendings, you become invisible again.

You have to pay to appear in sponsored results regularly.

Let’s look at its opponent: SEO and content marketing. You have to work yourself towards the top slowly in that approach. But after reaching the top, you can stay there for months without much financial investment.

They Are Never a Long-Term Plan

This issue is related to the previous disadvantage. The short-lived nature of paid ads will never set you as a credible source in your industry. As you stop paying for ads, you disappear.

Let’s compare that to blogging that serves as an information archive for your audience. People can go back to your blog posts whenever they want. So when they want to buy something related to your products, where do you think they will go? That’s right: they’ll come to you.

That’s why my primary approach is always SEO and content marketing.

Expenditure Model is A Mess with Paid Ads

In Google Ads, you pay according to the clicks you get on your ads. This model might seem right for saving money, but it’s not always the case.

It’s logical to think that paying according to the clicks you get is better than paying a fixed budget. However, things can go against you quickly.

For example, a customer clicks on your page, but your landing page is turning them off. Or your competitors are messing with you by clicking on your ads. In both these cases, your click rate is increasing, and so are your ad spendings.

Constant Selling Puts Buyers Off with Paid Ads

Proper marketing doesn’t seem like marketing. However, with paid ads, you are constantly bugging people to buy your products. That can cause a lot of trouble for your business.

Compare that to content marketing, where you are slowly working yourself to be an authority in your customer’s eyes.

Alot of People Ignore Paid Ads

Around 80% of people searching for something on the internet ignore ads. However, that shouldn’t hold you back from using paid ads to get more exposure. You still have the other 20% of people to target.

Google clearly shows the word “ad” on the paid advertisements. Similarly, different social media platforms display “sponsored” in their ads. These words instantly let people know that this business has paid for higher rankings even if they didn’t deserve it.

Wrap Up

Paid ads are a great way to get more exposure and instant revenue boost. In the early stages of your online business, they are beneficial. However, you have to focus more on the SEO and organic side of marketing for the long haul.

Do you agree with my suggestions about paid ads?

Or do you want to share something unique about this marketing channel?

Be sure to let me know in the comments.

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