Do you often visit Pinterest just to find recipes and home décor ideas? Well, the best of us do that. But did you know that it’s a good marketing tool as well? In fact, if you learn Pinterest SEO, it can be a marketing powerhouse for you.

The platform boasts around 454 million monthly active users worldwide. They do all sorts of things from exploring new ideas to categorizing things they love. Yes, it’s social media. But many people don’t think of it as a search engine.

If used correctly, this platform can turn in a lot of revenue for companies, especially e-commerce.

But can it really expand your web of influence and turn fans into customers? For that, we’ll look at a recent survey by Pinterest. The platform asked pinners how they use the site for shopping. The results were in the support of the platform, clearly showing that it has a huge impact on the shopping behaviors of the platform users. Here are a few noteworthy stats:

  • Almost 7 out of 10 platform users get inspired by Pinterest to shop when they aren’t looking for anything.
  • 7 out of 10 platform users discover new products on Pinterest.
  • And 90% say Pinterest helps them decide what to buy.

Now, you know how Pinterest changes its users’ minds about a brand. If you want to have more sales, hop on the platform and read the rest of the article to learn how to get the most out of it.

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Pinterest SEO Basics

Pinterest SEO – A Comprehensive Guide

Let’s start by understanding the basics. Pinterest users can save any image they find online. This process of saving images is called pinning. They can collect these images on different boards to streamline the topics they care about. Most images, when pinned, are linked to the original websites they’re from.

Let’s demonstrate it with an example. Let’s say you are looking for wall hangers. You’ll search that phrase on Pinterest and find tons of ideas. Then, you can save the ones you like to your own board, making them visible to your followers.

But what factors help Pinterest decide what content to serve up when you search for something? Here are those four factors:

  • domain quality
  • pin quality
  • pinner quality
  • topic relevance

But what do they even mean? First, domain quality is simply what Pinterest thinks of your website’s quality. Pinterest knows things like the number of images pinned from your site. So the trick here is to pin consistently and create engagement using high-quality content.

How Does Pinterest Determine Pin Quality

Freshness, popularity, and the engagement of your pins are important things that determine pin quality. Pinterest keeps track of things like a person sharing a pin from your board to theirs and considers it a sign of engagement. So focus on content that people would like to share.

When it comes to your overall quality as a content creator and pinner, your active time matters too. In addition, it considers how well your content is received. So again, focus on being active, sharing popular content, increasing saves, and engaging with followers.

Topic relevance is related to keywords. Like Google, keywords affect what appears in Pinterest search.

Pinterest SEO? Yes, It’s A Search Engine

Many people think of Pinterest as social media. That’s true, but many people don’t consider the fact that it’s a search engine. That platform spent a lot of time on understanding how people use their site and came up with a few tips.

As content creators, most people use the Pinterest search engine to drive traffic to their own website. During their The Taste Graph, Pinterest said:

By understanding people’s evolving tastes, preferences, and interests, the Pinterest Taste Graph connects the millions of people on Pinterest to hundreds of billions of fresh ideas that are just right for them. It’s how we surface the perfect ideas for each Pinner, helping them find fresh ideas to love as they move through the various stages of planning their lives.

That platform spent a lot of time on understanding how people use their site and came up with a few tips. Several businesses have gotten good traffic from Pinterest. Ben Silbermann, Pinterest’s co-founder and CEO, had this to say about how the search engine functions:

We often talk about Pinterest as like a human indexing machine. Google built these crawlers that would go out, and these amazing algorithms. We give people tools that let them organize in a way that makes sense to them, and in doing that they organize in a way that makes sense to other people.

So as a marketer, you should make your pins relevant to the keywords people are searching for. That, of course, relates to your audience’s interests, recent search history, and distinct searches.

How To Optimize Your Pinterest Boards

Use keywords in your board names, board descriptions, and in the descriptions of each photo you pin. Perform keyword research for that. Simply, type the related terms in the search bar. Pinterest will suggest terms that people are actually searching for.

Be strategic about creating Pinterest boards. Pin and repin relevant content to build a strong presence. You should also integrate relevant hashtags with corresponding phrases.

Get started with Pinterest SEO and let me know how many results you’ve seen!

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