Productivity – 5 Ways I Learned to Increase My Own

Productivity – 5 Ways I Learned to Increase My Own

Productivity plays an essential role in an individual’s success. In its raw form, productivity is about getting more done in less time.

Some people are naturally more productive than others. While others lack self-discipline, they can easily stay organized.

However, productivity is a skill (not a talent) developed over time. That’s why I have made this guide for anyone who wants to master this skill.

I’m going to share five different ways that helped me increase my productivity. Start using these methods today, and accomplish everything that you want to in your life.

So let’s stop wasting time and be more productive.

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5 Ways I Learned to Increase My Productivity

Make A Long-Term And Short-Term List

Start with creating lists for your tasks. The great thing about creating lists is that they clearly define what you want to achieve in life.

That said, how many lists do you need? Well, just two: one for short-term goals and the other for long-term goals. As the name suggests, a short-term list contains the tasks you will do in a few days or weeks. This short-term list can be anything ranging from searching about new market trends to arranging meetings with clients.

A long-term list contains those bigger goals and dreams that you want to achieve in your life. For example, you might be a blogger who has just started now. Through SEO and content marketing over the next two years, you might want to achieve first page Google rankings. You can add these types of goals there.

Making a list is easy, but tracking your results is more challenging. You have to go back and check whether if you achieved what you wrote in the lists. If not, then why? Learn from those mistakes.

Create a Scheduled Routine

After making the lists, most people commit the mistake of not defining a timeframe for each task.

Creating a scheduled routine will make you more organized. Many successful people define a few tasks for themselves and label the expected time for each task. Then, they try to achieve each task within their desired time efficiently. This method has certainly helped me increase my productivity a lot.

The intensity of your schedule depends on how much you want to achieve. You can approach your tasks on an hourly basis. Or you can go all-in like Elon Musk’s 5-minute rule where he divides his entire day into 5-minute chunks.

Whichever way suits you, follow it. But remember having a scheduled routine is inevitable.

Use Apps To Make Things Easier

You can have a bullet journal or notepad for scheduling. But after a while, things get complicated, and you have to plan too much. That’s where apps come in.

Thanks to technological advancements, we now have apps for almost everything. Here are a few apps that have helped me increase my productivity:

  • Evernote: A note-taking app that helps you stay organized and accomplish tasks.
  • Zapier: It allows you to automate tasks that are related to your web applications.
  • Authy: This app helps with password management and authentication:
  • Hubspot for my CRM: A crossbreed of sales and marketing, this software tool is a delight for small businesses.
  • Clickup to combine all of my productivity apps into one place: What more can I say? Even their mission is to make the world more productive.

The subscription fees of some apps might hold you back. But they are going to help you gain a very high ROI.

So don’t hesitate to try them. You can search for more apps according to your requirements, but the work mentioned above great for most people.

Wake up earlier, and sleep at a decent time!

Wake Up Earlier And Go To Sleep At A Reasonable Time

Let’s go back to the basics: Early to bed and early to rise. It makes you healthy, wealthy, and wise. This adage covers plenty in itself.

Having a proper sleeping and wake up time makes you more productive. It makes you look at things more positively.

However, some people will argue that they are more productive at night. But no one denies the health risks of sleeping less, for example, attention deficiency. High achievement is a satisfying thing in life. However, your health comes first. So for the sake of your health, have a good night’s sleep.

Measure Your Results Weekly                                                

You have done well during the week, but how do you assess if you are going in the right direction? The key here is to measure your results weekly. This method has helped me increase my productivity a lot.

It lets you know how productive you were during that week. How many tasks did you accomplish? How many times did you fail? It would help if you asked yourself these types of questions during your assessment.

Scrutinize your lists and schedules to check if you made any mistakes. Learn from those mistakes and correct them.

It’s Your Turn Now

I have shared five ways that have helped me increase my productivity. Now it’s your job to apply them in your life. Keep in mind that these things will take time, and constant feedback is vital.

In your opinion, which method is the most important for productivity?

Is it the scheduled routine? Or is it tracking your results?

Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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