Quora – Everything You Need to Know About the Platform

Back in 2009, two former Facebook workers, named Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever, launched their app called Quora. It was a platform designed for people to ask questions of any kind without hesitation. Then they get their answers, connect to different people, and find topics like business, science, art, everyday life, etc.

No matter what you search for in Google, chances are that you will find answers from Quora. These are some of the best answers on the internet.

Quora was designed to be used as an informative and educational platform. It is now used by more than 80 million active users. Quora users have the freedom to ask any question. They please to answer any other question and promote their businesses there.

As Quora has been proven to be a platform full of extremely qualified and experienced teachers, it has also been proven to be the best of both worlds from excellent and accurate educational expertise.

It is also largely used for entertainment. With having millions of fun topics of conversation, users of Quora are granted the freedom of sharing their amazing life adventures and cool and fun experiences.

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Why Should You Use Quora

Are you interested in asking lots of questions in a day, answering hundreds of questions a day, or just be silent and receive glorious pieces of knowledge from highly qualified geniuses? If all of this sounds like a fun and great idea to you, then Quora is the perfect choice for you to spend your hours.

Apart from that, it can be used as a platform to promote your business.

Being one of the fastest-growing platforms on the face of the internet, the interaction on Quora is increasing by the second. People are recognizing its creative abilities and turning their attention to them. The community is getting stronger each passing day.

This means that you’ll have access to millions of people.

Using Quora

As a writer on Quora, users can ask the question and as well as respond to one other’s questions. According to the Quora association, the number of daily asked questions is a wide range between 3000-5000 a day. This means you have at least 3000 tries to be able to correct someone, help someone with studies, help someone take a harsh decision, or change their life with your amazing experience.

Can You Make Money Off Writing Questions on Quora

Yes, you can earn money from asking questions on Quora with a little program called the Quora Partner program. This program allows the user to enrich themselves by only asking questions.

Although it sounds like a piece of cake, it’s not as easy as it seems. The questions you ask to get evaluate; therefore, they are compensated based on user engagement. You have the potential of earning money for the question you asked for a whole year.

Using Quora As a Reader

Being the reader on Quora is also a rather fabulous choice. There is no rushed choice if you can be a writer or a reader. It’s up to you.

A reader’s profile is the same as the writer’s. One can only tell someone is a reader or a writer just by looking at the stats on their profile. Readers don’t usually ask any questions nor do they answer any.

Not asking questions or answering can be very helpful for some users. At least, you are not putting in false information. Quora provides everyone with options, where everyone has a choice. Make sure you pick what’s most suitable for you.


Creating a Profile

The home page is pretty simple. You can sign up via emails, Facebook, or your Google account. I prefer Google accounts.

After choosing your desired method of signing in, you can get started. Your profile will be your representative. You need to be extra careful with what you present to your potential followers.

Like every social media platform, on the top of your profile, you will be able to add a photo of yourself and write a few sentences that will be your best description.

I prefer my description to be discrete and approachable. But it has just enough given data that will attract positive attention.

Questions on Quora

As mentioned above, Quora was designed to be an educational platform. It was also invented to ask questions and giving answers.

This simplicity is what makes it so unique. Every user has the freedom to ask questions just by clicking the big red button on the top right corner of their profile.

Quora also allows you to ask a question anonymously. Let’s say you have a question that you don’t want anyone to know about. All you need to do is check the anonymous option. And voila! Quora will hide your identity, and your information will stay safe and intact.

Answers on Quora

Quora expect answers from any of its users. Every user on it has the freedom to share their personal information, opinion, and views.

Because you already have chosen the topic that you like, questions similar to your interest will pop up in your feed. Quora works on the principle of upvotes – that is the response of the audience.

It is kind of like Instagram. On Instagram, you like an attractive and pretty picture. On Quora, you will get an upvote for the most creative and intelligent answer. All you need to do is click on your chosen question, type the answer in the given box, and submit your answer to post it.

How often do you use Quora? What are your favorite topics there? Let me know in the comments?

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