Reddit Ads – How to Navigate This Platform for Your Business

Reddit Ads – How to Navigate This Platform for Your Business

Reddit calls itself “The front page of the internet.” And it’s not an exaggeration. You can find almost any topic on this website. That’s why its audience is diverse.

People turn to this website to discuss current trends. Marketers turn to this website to promote their products using organic content and Reddit ads. But it’s not easy to navigate this platform.

Sure, you can find tons of business opportunities on this platform. But keep in mind that Redditors (Reddit users) don’t appreciate people who just want to sell, sell, and sell. So to get a revenue boost from Reddit ads, you must be patient.

I’m going to discuss a few things about running ads on Reddit so that you are not seen as spam or hard-seller by the community.

So without further delay, let’s get started.

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Reddit Ads and Community

Reddit is the 7th most visited website in the U.S. It is an online forum where people interact with each other by commenting on each others’ posts related to a particular topic. These topics are called Subreddits.

Although you can market your products on Reddit and stand out from the competition, it’s not like other platforms. The Reddit community can be unpredictable. They have contributed to good causes in the past like raising money for teachers.

But they are also notorious for being against people who don’t consider the time and place of pushing marketing.

That said, you shouldn’t stay away from joining the website. You just have to be thoughtful and considerate about advertising on it.

This website promotes content based on people’s responses. They have a concept of upvoting and downvoting. For example, if people like something, they’ll upvote it. If they dislike something, they’ll downvote it. So there’s a slight chance that they don’t receive the ads well.

For starters, never promote your product during a discussion. You are likely to receive hate. Use Reddit Ads for that purpose.

Second, you should never market spammy products because you’ll be promoted as a crappy brand on the entire Reddit.​

Guidelines for Advertising on Reddit

Find Your Target Audience

First of all, make sure who your target audience is. Without this, you are destined to lose your time and money.

Think of your ideal buyer. What’s their age? What’s their gender? Do they have specific interests? For example, promoting oversized sweaters to baby boomers might not be a good idea. Similarly, promoting a 10,000 dollars luxury watch to teenagers will sink your money. And keep in mind that if promoted wrong products, the audience of a certain demographics might get offended.

You must know your audience’s preference. Then, you’ll be able to craft targeted ads that get results.

Your ads will run in Subreddits. So to run targeted ads, you should find as many Subreddits as possible. ​

Create Reddit Ads

You can’t create Reddit Ads using a normal account; you’ll need a marketing account. You can create it using their advertising platform. After filling out the details, you are ready to create your first ad.

Thumbnail is an important part of your ad. It can be anything related to your company like a logo. You can also insert the product image. Avoid using offensive images.

Then, you’ll choose the post type. You have two options: link or text.

  1. Link ad allows you to take readers to a different website. Mostly, it’s a sales page.
  2. Text ad takes users to another Reddit page that explains your products or services.

In both these types, you must explain your offer. It should be simple. Avoid complicated explanations.

To play it safe, don’t use any shady tactics to drive sales. Explain how your product will solve their problems, and you are good to go.

Besides the post type, you can create targeted ads. Some people will select interests, but I’d recommend going with Subreddits.

Finding a Subreddit is simple. In the Google search bar, just type your desired topic after, hit enter, and you’ll reach its Subreddit.

For example, if I’m going to find Subreddit for SEO, I’ll search

Choose a Subreddit that has at least 5,000 subscribers.

After that, choose the location. You can select a country or state as well.

Then, set a reasonable amount of budget for your ad.​

Reddit Ads

Test Your Reddit Ads

After creating your ad, it’s time to test it. It’s unlikely that your first ad will show the best results, so you have to make some tweaks after testing. Here are some best practices:

  • Split test your ad copy and thumbnail. A different sentence in the ad copy can bring better results. Try using sensory language. Similarly, try changing your thumbnail. You can experiment with different colors as well.
  • Increase the bid amount: It can help you reach the first page.
  • Study best performing ads: It’s always a good idea to look at the ads that brought amazing results in the past.
  • Switch between link post and text post.
  • Giving exclusive offers to Reddit members can give you a competitive advantage.
  • Look out for the comments. This is important. Throughout the article, I discussed how this platform’s users can give you hate. You can prevent this by looking at comments related to your business and addressing the issues that led people to spit hate on you.

Even if you are getting positive feedback, it’s important to stay in touch with your community.

Final Words

Reddit ads can generate a good amount of revenue for you. But be sure to follow the best practices that I discussed in today’s guide. Otherwise, you might receive hate from the platform.

How was your experience using Reddit ads? Let me know in the comments below. ​

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