Rich Pins on Pinterest – The Complete Guide on Creating Them

Are you running a business account on Pinterest? Have you included Rich Pins in your Pinterest business account?  If you already have a Pinterest Business Account and still unaware of this new feature, this article is for you.

Pinterest is one of the top social platforms to grow your business successfully. According to the latest report shared on Pinterest insights, 83% of Pinterest active usersbuy a product when they see something good.

If you have not used this feature to run a successful marketing campaign, this is not too late to get started. You can create Pins within no time.

Without wasting any time, let us discuss in detail to grow your Pinterest traffic naturally.

What Are Rich Pins on Pinterest?

It is a free product from Pinterest available for anyone. These are the organic Pins that can automatically sync information from your website.

If you make changes in content on your original website, it will automatically update information on the Pin. You do not need to update it manually.

These Pins have a bold title with some extra information above and below the image. You can easily recognize them. The business name and logo are also visible on the Pin.

It’s like the premium version of a regular Pin. That makes it more actionable for Pinners.

Types of Rich Pins on Pinterest

There are four types: app, article, product, and recipe Pins.

1.   Article Pins

These Pins show the title, the Meta description, publishing date, and the author of the article or blog post. An article can be a page of context, a news article, or a blog post. Most of the pages with less text, listicles, and too many images cannot be allowed as articles.

You can see any additional information when you click on the Pin.

2.   App Pins

These Pins have an install button that makes them more actionable for Pinners. Pinners can easily download apps without leaving Pinterest. This feature is limited in the US demographic area and available only on iOS devices.

3.   Product Pins

These Pins have the product price, availability, and the purchase location on the Pin, which is good for online sellers. These are very different from the Buyable Pins.

Buyable pins allow Pinners to buy a product without leaving Pinterest. But Product Pins only show extra information regarding a product.

4.   Recipe Pins

Recipe Pins are the most popular Pins widely used across Pinterest. Pinners can easily see information about a recipe without clicking on it. These Pins offer some valuable parameters of the recipe, which include the recipe title, the ingredients, the cooking time, the serving size and, the recipe ratings.

Note: If you are in the US or UK, Pinterest will automatically update any edit made to your website for Article Pins and Recipe Pins. It will only show information related to Product Pins if you are in their registered merchants’ list and if the product is in stock.

How to Create Rich Pins?

Creating these valuable Pins is very simple. To get started, make sure you have a Pinterest Business account. After creating a business account, you can get these Pins in just three simple steps.

  1. Add Metadata to your site. (For a Squarespace site, you do not need to add, as it already has this information.)
  2. Validate and apply for Pins.
  3. Create an engaging title and description for every post.

First Step: Add Metadata to Your Website

One of the easiest ways to set up these valuable Pins is through Yoast SEO Plugin. That is also good for Facebook and SEO.

After installation, add links to all of your social media platforms when prompted. After configuration, navigate to SEO > Social > Facebook tab to add Metadata.

To set up, you can also follow Pinterest add Metadata.

Second Step: Validate and Apply

The next step is to validate Pins. After adding Meta tags to your website, you can validate your correctly marked-up content using Pins Validator from Pinterest.

You have to add a page URL from your website and hit the validate box to get it done.

A green pop-up will show the message “Your Pins have validated!” Now, it may take a couple of days to make your Pin rich.

Final Step: Create a Fascinating Title and Description

Pins saved from your account will show some additional information on them. If you do not add a Meta description, it will show some of the relevant lines from your website. To avoid this, always add engaging titles and Meta Descriptions.

How to Remove?

Add this into your page header and close it to remove the Pin data from your content page.

<meta name=”pinterest-rich-pin” content=”false” />

That will override the tag from the Title page, and all other pages will remain unaffected. You can again turn these Pins on by removing this tag from the page header.

Top Benefits You ShouldKnow

Here are the top benefits you must know to run a successful marketing campaign for your business.

  1. Increased Organic traffic to your website.
  2. More actionable Pins that encourage Pinners to buy your products easily.
  3. Control over the information about all Pins from your website.
  4. Valuable info on a Pin is updated when the linked page is updated.
  5. Bold Title, Logo, and Brand name in the Pin will make your business trustworthy.
  6. The Follow Button will help pinners to reach your business.


The day-by-day growing popularity of Pinterest and the efficiency of Rich Pins is a blessing for all online brands. You can boost your sales and earn more revenue by creating valuable Pins.

Do not wait anymore and create a Pinterest Business account to get started. And if you are stuck somewhere, please comment below. I’ll be happy to help. Good Luck with your business and Happy Pinning!

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