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Both on and off page Search Engine Optimization is now a necessity when creating your brand. Find out how we can help you below.

Do you want more sales, visitors, and leads? That is what we strive to achieve for our clients at Blue Waves Digital through our SEO services.

Are you a business owner and tired of hearing how important SEO is for your business?

Or maybe you’re a digital marketing veteran who needs some help with their client’s SEO?

If yes, then our SEO Company wants to help you.

But first, let’s explain in detail why SEO is vital in the first place:

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Why is SEO vital for your business?

Every online business owner knows two things:

  1. Their website needs to be at the top spot in Google’s search results when someone searches for anything related to their services.
  2. And to be at the top spot, they need SEO.

But that thought process stops there. If those business owners had dug more into finding out how important SEO is, they would have utilized tons of their resources to implement it on their website.

So, how vital is SEO for an online business? Let’s find out.

Organic wins overpaid in terms of statistics: 71.33% of people click on the organic results from Google’s first page. That’s a massive number as compared to the only 15% clicks that paid ads to get.

Organic wins overpaid in terms of longevity: There’s no doubt that PPC can send tons of traffic to your website, but it requires ongoing funding. As soon as you stop spending money on paid ads, your traffic line flattens. Compare this with SEO that requires a lot less financial resources than PPC and keeps bringing you traffic for the years to come.

Get leads from different buying cycles: In this day and age, people turn to Google for pretty much any information they want. So if you have optimized content around user’s search intent that educates the visitors about their problem and how your products can solve them, you will earn potential customers.

If not you, then who? Your competitors. Yes, you heard that right. Even if you’re using it or not, your competitors already are. There’s a reason why they appear on top of Google’s results. The reason is SEO.

In simple words, SEO is inevitable for an online business.

Our SEO Company Services

At Blue Waves Digital, we make continuous changes to your website design and content until Google loves it. Specifically, you get:

Comprehensive SEO Company Audit

We’ll provide you with an SEO audit of your website. The audit will discuss where your website is doing well and what SEO mistakes you are making.

Keyword Research + Implementation

We’ll find the keywords that your customers are searching for and fast. At Blue Waves Digital, we know the importance of keywords and how choosing the relevant keywords with good search volume and cost-per-click can make you stand out.

Link Building Off Page SEO On Page SEO Technical SEO Keyword Research

On-Page White Hat SEO and Internal Linking

We use the on-page white hat SEO methods that let your customers and Google find your content easily. We’ll also link your site’s content in a structured way so that it’s easy for Google to index it.

Competitor Analysis

We’ll find out why your competitors are on the top Google search results and how to fix it.

Top-notch Content from our SEO Company

We’ll either write new content or revamp existing content to boost your rankings.

An SEO Company providing Link-Building Services

We’ll build white hat Dofollow SEO Backlinks depending on your website’s needs.

Backlink Analysis

We will create a report, including what backlinks are currently working for you.

Ready to take your SEO to the Next Level?

Take Advantage of our 100% Free Consultation for a limited time below:

Header/Sub Header Optimization

We will ensure we use all headers correctly.

Creation and Submission of Sitemaps

Sitemaps make it easy for web crawlers to determine how your website is structured, which helps your rankings immensely. We will then submit all sitemaps to the top search consoles (Google, Bing).

An SEO Company offering Domain Unification Services

We will ensure we appropriately display your content on one domain, as this can affect your search rankings.

Image Optimization

Search Engines like Google can’t read images. They only read the text. We’ll add text to the image properties so search engines understand what your site is about specifically. This information also includes optimizing the size of images, which may affect site rank.

Why Choose Our SEO Company?

We are a Pittsburgh based digital marketing company, and we have a proven track record in SEO and other digital marketing channels. In the past, we have helped numerous businesses like yours establish themselves as leaders in their industry.

We have in-depth knowledge and experience in SEO, and we take complex projects as a challenge.

As we have said before, we are not just an SEO company. We provide full digital marketing services. Working with us will ensure that you can get other digital marketing services, e.g., social media, email marketing, and ad management, under the same roof.

We treat every project as a human relationship, and we strive for a long-term partnership.

We are looking forward to working with you and helping your business dominate the internet.

P.S. To get a custom quote or ask your queries about our SEO Company and services, please contact us by Scheduling a Consultation.

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